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Book Review: The Dry Fasting Miracle: From Deprive to Thrive by Luke Coutiho and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Nuaimi

About the Book
In the olden days, people ate early because there was hardly any light after sunset. Their next meal would only be after sunrise. This practice spread to all religions as a discipline due to its health and spiritual benefits. Today, it is called the dry fasting diet-the the most superior form of fasting and cleansing. Replicating it requires abstinence from all food and water for twelve or more hours.
 Luke Coutinho and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Nuaimi teach us how this diet can stimulate the body, help one find the right balance between the 'elimination phase' and the 'building phase', aid weight loss, and avoid a number of diseases. From beauty to general well-being, discover the miracle of dry fasting and the route to a new you.

My Take on the Book
As we are all quarantined inside the comfort of our home, I am sure people are binge eating and snacking on their heart desired food. Not blaming anyone for that but the lock down surely got the worst of us. If you are looking for a way to overcome the guilt, I can suggest a healthy step of following a series of dry fasting. But what actually is dry fasting? Dry fasting is a way of foregoing water and food for some time, it is a way of making the body gain its energy from toxins present in the body. For anyone who personally knows me know how health-conscious and enthusiastic I am about keeping my body fit and healthy. So when I was approached to read and review a book on a health-related topic, I agreed to do it even before knowing what the book was about. And I must say it was worth the read. ‘The Dry Fasting Miracle:from Deprive to Thrive' by author and a renowned holistic lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho (Author), and  Sheikh Abdul Aziz Nuaimi (Author) is an invigorating read about how dry fasting can help keep the body in check. The book covers the many aspects of what dry fasting is all about. From explaining the idea of fasting as being a religious belief to a technique of boosting the immune system, the book provides all the necessary information on fasting as a key role to improve one's health.
Some of the essential topics discussed in the book are: types of dry fasting, the history of dry fasting, benefits of dry fasting for the mind, body, and soul, and more such important topics. Included in the book are positive testimonials from people who practiced dry fasting and how it drastically changed their lives. According to the author, fasting triggers a healing mechanism and it is one of the best natural ways of regeneration and healing.
After reading the book, it encouraged me even more to follow a healthy lifestyle and practice the miraculous remedy of dry fasting. I am sure if you ever thought about taking the plunge of practicing dry fasting then you will probably have a lot of questions like, is fasting right for me? Will it suit me? How will my body respond to it? then you will find all the answers in this insightful book. You can always start with small steps and take it further. Do grab a copy today and understand the miracle of dry fasting with Luke Coutinho and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Nuaimi. 
You will surely see a positive response and will only wish why you haven't thought of it before.

Book Details
Title: The Dry Fasting Miracle: From Deprive to Thrive
Author: Luke Coutinho, and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Nuaimi
Publisher: Penguin Publisher
Format: Kindle
Pages: 165
Price: 188
My Rating: 4.5/5


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