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Book Review: The Bedside Book of Life: Secrets to Finding Your Missing Pieces and Living to the Fullest

About the Book
Look again . . . Not everything is as it appears to be!
The Bedside Book of Life is a guided tour into the spiritual scheme of life, revealing the intricate pattern of the bigger picture as it unfolds and adds up to your existence. This book will help you understand what is in your hands and what you must accept gracefully. Let it bring you comfort, courage, and clarity.
This book is drawn from the intersection of spirituality, karma, and the author’s quest of finding answers to living a life of righteousness and positivity. It is more than a guide to life; it is a reality check that the universe is intelligent and any hurdle it throws at you is because it is also giving you the strength to deal with it.
Wholesome and uplifting, this book will help you find ways to grapple with anything and everything. In the process, it will also help you find your missing pieces, heal your past, and inspire you to make the best of your life.

My Take on the Book
 “Though it appears to us that we are moving through life, in truth, we are static and everything around us is moving and changing according to our mind and what we choose to focus on.”
There are so many beautiful quotes I wanted to pick from the book, and I couldn't settle for one.
The Bedside Book of Life by Jal Patel takes us on a journey of spiritual laws of life. Every word which the author has picked up is clear and gives a wider perspective over what our life is all about. The author has narrated through her own experience of lives in spiritual tumultuous times. From talking about subconscious activities, positivity and growth, healing, soul searching, and more on spiritual beliefs, the author guides us through the whole process and path of spiritualism. Having read the book, it revealed an intricate pattern of the bigger pictures of our existence. The book is all about living life, believing in the work of karma, accepting changes, and guiding us through the path of dealing with what might come our way. I found the book very gripping and uplifting. Each words and sentence used by the author is clear and explained genuinely. Though the book is about the author’s quest to finding answers to living a life of righteousness and positivity, it gave answers to me in many aspects. I am quite fascinated with spiritual things and being and the book only added more insights into my curious mind of faith and belief. This non-fiction is the perfect book for anyone seeking for an answer to find their missing piece, heal their past, and get the inspiration you need to live life in the best form. The author has done justice in giving a definite answer to some of life’s unanswered queries in her most eloquent writing style. I am glad I added this book on my TBR list, I am sure this book will be the secret to help me in finding my missing pieces and live life to the fullest without complaining.
Book Details
Title: The Bedside Book of Life: Secrets to Finding Your Missing Pieces and Living to the Fullest
Author: Jal Patel
   Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: Hay House India (1 August 2020)
Price: Rs. 315
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9388302389
ISBN-13: 978-9388302388
My Rating: 4.5/5


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