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Book Review: Yours Legally by Sonia Sahijwani

About the Book
A young girl Sia has recently finished her graduation in Law against her parent’s wishes. With absolutely no family background in the legal profession, she sets out to explore the various opportunities this not so common but upcoming field of law brings her way. Written in the form of short stories and inspired by some true events, the author, through the protagonist Sia, narrates to us few such unusual and memorable incidents including some eccentric courtroom dramas, all of which left a deep impact in her life. This debut book one is an honest attempt to talk about the law with a dash of satire, with an aim to reach out to all those who may or may have never heard anything about the legal profession nor would have ever stepped inside a court. And for those who are a part of it already, they might relate to it in some way. Just read along and enjoy the short but bumpy ride…..

My Take on the Book
The title of the book caught my attention. ‘Yours Legally’ by author Sonia Sahijwani is a collection of short stories that highlight the common theme of law and courthouse. The protagonist of the novel, Sia has recently finished her graduation in law against her parent's wishes. Despite with no absolute family background in the legal profession, she goes her away to explore the various opportunities in her upcoming field of law. The book is categorized in 6 different chapters and each clearly explains more about legal matters as well as events that are inspired from a  courtroom.
Without showing any biased in the field of law, the book throws lights on the positive and negative side of a court and laws. The book is a simple read and anyone can read it without having the knowledge of the legal systems. The chapters of the books are divided as follows:
The book starts with a chapter named, 99 Vs निन्यानबे: in this chapter, it highlights on ‘The Complainant element, and it talks on "Equity follows the same" topic.
 The 2nd chapter is about, ‘The Kid on the last bench’ which deals with
 the court element. "The Practice of court is the law of court".
 The 3rd chapter narrates ‘The Wait for Item No. 25.' Here in this chapter, it talks about the case element. "The law cannot fail in dispensing justice".
Followed by the 4th chapter, which is about ‘behind those dark shades, and here it focuses on ‘The Counsel Element. "The law speaks to all with one mouth". 
The 5th chapter is aptly named as ‘Jail No. 5. Here, it discusses ‘The Confinement Element.' "That punishment may come to a few, the fear of it should affect all".
The last and the final chapter is named as Qaidi No. 90, in this chapter, the author talks about criminal element. "The Crime Carries the person".
Each chapter is intriguing and gripping in its own ways. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I bet people who enjoys law and legal subjects will love it too. Get your copy to explore the different  side of the courtroom in the mind gobbling book, Legally yours by author Sonia Sahijwani. You are sure to be left motivated and go follow your goals and dreams.

Book Details
Title: Yours Legally
Author:  Sonia Sahijwani
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 292 KB
Pages: 118 pages
Publisher: Wordit CDE (20 February 2019)
Language: English
My rating: 3.5/5


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