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Book Review: Jim Ozy and the Perils of Algebra by Nathan Pratyksh Khanna

About the Book A writer travels to a faraway land to meet his hero. The journey takes him on a trail of suspense and adventure, across uncertain terrains. When the writer finally meets Jim, the subject of his proposed book, he is amazed in many ways, for Jim's tale is no ordinary one. It is closely intertwined with many complex situations and incredible characters, both good and evil. Within the larger tale unfolds many a story--stories of a mysterious cult, a serious combat for restitution of order and an eventual fortuitous disclosure. In a resplendent land that has seen no summer heat, where darkness lurks here and there, something strange has been fomenting for long. Will someone rise to the occasion to safeguard his homeland, even if it means the end of his life? My Take on the book “I am a free man and I know I will live forever. It is likely that my mortal body gives up, but I will always be remembered in the hymns of mountaineers. I will not die an

Book Review: Trending in Love by Pankaj Dubey

About the Book Sanam is a carefree, but headstrong young girl. A spat with a politician's son pushes her to take up a big challenge-to become an IAS. At the same time, a small-town boy, Aamir, is nudged into studying for the civil services too. Their hard work pays off when both become rank holders. And soon their lives come together at the IAS Training Academy, Mussoorie. Love blossoms, but when they decide to spend their lives together, all hell breaks loose. Their religious difference becomes a reason for clashes between the two communities, social media explodes and things take a dangerous turn. It seems hate has triumphed over love. What will be Sanam and Aamir's fate? A heady mix of dreams and desire, this is a story of undying love in the face of our society's most dangerous beliefs. My Take on the Book Trending in Love by Pankaj Dubey is a fast-paced romantic novel about Sanam, a young and bright girl, and Amir from Kupwara who has a happ

Book Review: Yours Legally by Sonia Sahijwani

About the Book A young girl Sia has recently finished her graduation in Law against her parent’s wishes. With absolutely no family background in the legal profession, she sets out to explore the various opportunities this not so common but upcoming field of law brings her way. Written in the form of short stories and inspired by some true events, the author, through the protagonist Sia, narrates to us few such unusual and memorable incidents including some eccentric courtroom dramas, all of which left a deep impact in her life. This debut book one is an honest attempt to talk about the law with a dash of satire, with an aim to reach out to all those who may or may have never heard anything about the legal profession nor would have ever stepped inside a court. And for those who are a part of it already, they might relate to it in some way. Just read along and enjoy the short but bumpy ride….. My Take on the Book The title of the book caught my attention. ‘ Yours Legally ’ b

Book Review: She Stood by Me by Tarun Vikash

About the book Aparna is an upper-middle-class girl living with her values. She wants to make a successful career, prove herself to the world and has no time for love. Abhi is a lower-middle-class guy who is looking for a promising career too but he believes in love. He wants to live every portion of his life. He doesn't want to regret it later. But then comes a point where he found out that his life is not the same when he meets Aparna. For Aparna, Abhi is a good friend but for Abhi, she is more than that. She is everything now. And, It's time for him to tell her that before they leave each other to follow their career. He struggles, struggles a lot but opens his heart out to her. They move ahead with their life away from each other for another four years, not a small-time for anyone to wait for each other. Will they meet again, will they find someone else, will they be able to know what is love and what is a relationship, will they stand by each other or will someone