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Book Review: The King of the Sea: A Metaphysical Novel and Musical Odyssey by Nandan Gautum

About the Book
“We live our lives in blindness and cloak it with knowledge. Like a watch that keeps time, but knows nothing of it,” The Voice spoke. “But I will break time so that you can know what it truly is.” ~ The Book of Sirius 
A metaphysical novel paired with two companion music albums, The King of the Sea transports you into a new dimension, where reality lies suspended between the past and the future. Push play and you are beamed into The King of the Sea universe, shifting from the writer's inner journey towards the truth to a fictional character’s similar quest. The memoir and the thrilling sea epic weave in and out, diving into the deepest layers of the subconscious with startling honesty and gut-wrenching emotionality, offering a wealth of insights into personal growth, self-revelation and ultimately, love. Both albums The King of the Sea and The Divine Flaw are available to the reader via an exclusive weblink provided in the book. The music features Grammy Award Winning Drummer Antonio Sanchez, Pianist Rainer BrĂ¼ninghaus, Keyboardist Tom Schuman, Drummer Chad Wackerman, Guitarist Amit Heri, Guitarist Tony Das and many more musicians who helped to make this a uniquely immersive experience.

My take on the book
This is not an ordinary book of tales but a book paired with two companion music albums. The King of the Sea written by Nandan Gautam takes readers into new dimensions, where reality lies suspended between the past and the future.
When you see the cover of the book, you will realize that the author wishes to convey his poetic message in a gripping and elegant way. The book is a collection of hard-hitting quotes and poetries that is sure to take the reader into the journey of metaphysical. For those who know me quite well know that I am a huge fan of poetries and quotes and I would trade a good day into finishing what I started. Hence, I could easily finish the book in 2 sittings.
When you read the pieces written by the author, you will realize that he wants the reader to connect with the message of love, life, growth, self-revelation, and emotions. If you are familiar with some works of an odyssey, you will connect with the book instantly, or else you will find the book confusing to read. It is a pure form of a lyrical where each quote is bound to touch us in some of the other ways. From the topic of self-love to understanding yourself, the author has beautifully written the poetries with a powerful message behind every chapter. Surely, anyone with the love for music, poems, and odyssey will love this book. Do grab a copy of ‘The King of the Sea: A Metaphysical Novel and Musical Odyssey by Nandan Gautum to explore the metaphysical world of music and poetry.

Book Details
Title: The King of the Sea: A Metaphysical Novel and Musical Odyssey
Author: Nandan Gautum
Paperback: 376 pages
Price:  595
Publisher: Notion Press, 1 edition (8 January 2020)
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 9952834802
ISBN-13: 978-9952834802
My Rating: 4/5


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