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Interview with Arun Batish author of EKA- Rendezvous with your Life Forces

I had the pleasure to interview Arun Batish- the author of 'EKA- Rendezvous with your Life Forces,' to know more about his new book.
Scroll down to find out what he has to say about the book, his opinion on the element of a good writer, his writing process, and more about his inspiration.


About the Author
Arun Batish is an Indian-born Writer, Corporate Executive, Verbalizer, Author and an Aspiring Politician. He has availed Politicians, Business Houses, Multi-National Corporations and the who’s who of Social Communities to efficaciously communicate their conceptions in the most effective words to the ‘audience’ of repute to them. 
When he isn’t working, you’ll find Arun playing extreme sports, pumping iron, taking jungle safaris and conquering snowy mountains.                             
1. What is your book about?

My book "EKA – Rendezvous With Your Life Forces" describes that a rendezvous happens with life forces every single day and you are the decision-maker to accept or reject these moments in your life and how ‘EKA –The One, Single and Supreme Sense’ helps you accept them in the purest form. The book describes how having a more vigorous ‘EKA’ can make you understand the realities of life and understand the secrets of an ecstatic life. The authentic essence of these life forces and how they represent part of your experience of being in the world are explained. The author explicates how ‘EKA’ helps you understand the puissance that runs through your subconscious mind and questions arising in your mind by being exposed to the realities and secrets of a blissful life!

2. Where do you draw your writing inspiration from?

I experience emotions and words like - Insult, Worthless, Humiliated, Hurt, Betrayed, Stabbed, Worthiness, Wary, Woeful, Worried, Wronged, Alone, Angry, Anguish, Annoyed, Anxious, Bad, Bitter, Cold, Cowardly, Cross, Crushed, Complaining, Timid, Offended, Offensive, Pained, Pained, Panic, Paralyzed, Pathetic, Perplexed, Dominated, Weary, Woeful, Worked Up, Worried, double-crossed, Ditched, Wronged, Alone, Angry, Anguish, Annoyed, Anxious, Bad, Bitter, Cold, Cowardly, Cross, Complaining, Threatened, Timid, Stoned, Embarrassed, Empty, Excluded, Fatigued, Fearful, Forced, Frightened, Frustrated, Fuming, Hateful, Heartbroken and Helpless often and this is where my inspirations of writing come from.

3. What is your writing process like?

My writing process is simple, write every day for 30 minutes. I allow no interruptions, no beeps, no notifications, and nothing to check for 30 minutes straight before my house gets lured by the smell of freshly brewed Himalayan coffee wake me up and I start my day of being a Human Resources professional.

4. In your opinion what are the elements of a good writer?

I think having a strong “Central Idea " form the base of elements of good writings. Staying focused on the central idea has to involve focusing on clear, manageable ideas & arguments. "Organization" has to be second elements for sure, as it involves keeping the readers oriented to the central idea. "Supporting material" is the third element in the form of explanations, examples, and statistics, etc. to make the ideas and information presented meaningful and memorable for the readers. “Word Choice & Point-of-View" has to be the fourth element as if the language is clear, specific, accurate, and appropriate to the audience, purpose, and material it creates a greater emphasis on what the writer is trying to explain with his writing. And last but not least "Grammar & Punctuation" without this you writing will look amateur.

5. Any difficulties you faced while writing the book?

Honestly, NO. It comes easy to me!

6. Some say writing can be emotionally draining? Do you agree, if so what tips will you give?

I do not agree writing can be emotionally draining as it is never for me. Though I would certainly like to give tips of anyone who feels this way? First, one should never have unclear thinking, secondly have frustration with sentence structure and vocabulary, third- not feel like every sentence written is worthless, fourth - shall never rewrite the same concept repeatedly with no satisfaction and lastly never have negative thinking that clouds your judgment, thoughts, and writing style.

7. How should one deal with criticism?

My way of dealing with criticism is to say nothing, do nothing. Smile at it and say thank you!  

8. Given a chance, is there any book which you wish you wrote it?

Putting myself in the big league will not be the right thing here by naming the book, I wish I could have written? Though I am always fascinated by the words and inspirational writings of Ashoka, Julius Caesar, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela, William Shakespeare & Leo Tolstoy.

9. Without giving out any spoilers, Is there any message you would like your readers to take away from the book?

How do you understand the real essence of life forces? How do you write an honest book about different aspects of life forces without being less philosophical and more practical and acceptable to people? How do you understand the energies of life forces? What are the rendezvous moments of life forces in your life? What value do life forces have in the present? My book answers all questions for everyone who wishes to seek answers on the same.     

10. Which author have influenced you in becoming a writer?

William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, Paulo Coelho has always influenced me with their writings.  I reckon they are all cult figures in writing where-in no one can ever ape their style, thought process and influence on the global audience. If as a writer I can reach even 1% to their level, I'll be the fortunate one. 

About the Book:
EKA – Rendezvous With Your Life Forces describes that a rendezvous happens with life forces every single day and you are the decision-maker to accept or reject these moments in your life and how ‘EKA –The One, Single and Supreme Sense’ helps you accept them in the purest form. 
The author has beauteously inscribed how these potent life forces residing within you have to be utilized in certain situations, and to have ascendancy over them requires a highly developed and adept mind with the state of ‘EKA’.
You can buy the book here: 

Book Details:
 Paperback: 90 pages
Price: 225
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (28 October 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1646509676
ISBN-13: 978-1646509676


  1. Arun I know you as a very nice n kind hearted person. Wish you loads of success for your book.


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