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Interview with Arun Batish author of EKA- Rendezvous with your Life Forces

I had the pleasure to interview Arun Batish- the author of 'EKA- Rendezvous with your Life Forces,' to know more about his new book. Scroll down to find out what he has to say about the book, his opinion on the element of a good writer, his writing process, and more about his inspiration.   About the Author Arun Batish is an Indian-born Writer, Corporate Executive, Verbalizer, Author and an Aspiring Politician. He has availed Politicians, Business Houses, Multi-National Corporations and the who’s who of Social Communities to efficaciously communicate their conceptions in the most effective words to the ‘audience’ of repute to them.  When he isn’t working, you’ll find Arun playing extreme sports, pumping iron, taking jungle safaris and conquering snowy mountains.                                1. What is your book about? My book " EKA – Rendezvous With Your Life Forces" describes that a rendezvous happens with life forces every single d