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Sex Yoga Right to Sex Education Or a Wrong Rape Book by Korak Day- Book Review

 About the book
Break free, celebrate your body, if you want, but do not commit the evil rape. 
First, get educated in sex and all things related to it, then either explore or ignore as per your inner command, but be neither an ignorant fool nor a hypocrite. 23 ways of kissing, 13 forms of embracing, 12 of scratching, 9 biting ideas, 20 attitudes of a sexual union, 8 styles of blowjobs and much more would guarantee you the pleasures that you never explored. 
Sex is vile only for evil people; the rest can feel the joy.
My take on the book
A very light read with just 84 pages, Sex Yoga is a book on how and why it is important to understand sex as a right thing, which if treated wrongly can lead to the present modern societies i.e rape, mistreatment of men and woman, etc. the book is about knowing one’s body and understanding the ecstasy in the way that comes naturally to us. This book is more like a beginner's guide to understanding sex and knowing everything before you enjoy it.
Keeping yourself informed can help you tame your mind, body, and soul. From why the book is a necessity to the kinds of Swastik marriage, the book covers different types of needs by woman and men as well as the types of kiss and scratch partners can try. The book will tell you about a healthy mind as a product of healthy sexual knowledge. Only after you understand the sexual side of your body, then you will be able to choose your preferences.
Decoding the secrets to different touches and kiss, this book introduces different desires and it will allow you to resonate with your soul and body.
As mentioned, this book is for men and women who are born on earth. Get your copy today to read and feel the joy.
      Book Details
       Paperback: 84 pages
        Publisher: Notion Press (July 31, 2019)
        Language: English
        ISBN-10: 1645875423
        ISBN-13: 978-1645875420
My Rating: 3.5/5


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