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Kali's Retribution [The Kalki Chronicles] by Abhinav: Book Review

About the Book
A god with a powerful weapon. An immortal sorcerer. An inevitable showdown.
Successful in deciphering Krishna's puzzles and retrieving the Kaustubha locket, Anirudh finally accepts his destiny as Kalki--the tenth avatar of Vishnu. However, with the ever-perilous world moving too fast for him to keep up with, he is taken under the wing of an esoteric society created for his protection.
As ancient allies watch over him from the Himalayas, Anirudh moves to find the greatest weapon in the universe hidden in the fabled submerged palace of Dwarka. However, the Demon of Time, Kalarakshasa, yearns to possess it as well. In an ultimate showdown, the cloaked sorcerer faces the last avatar of Vishnu on the battlefield.
Will it be long before Kali, the Lord of Evil, takes up the reins of the mortal world? And will the darkness brought upon by the Kali-yuga soon eclipse the earth?

My Take on the Book
Before I start reviewing let me tell you that, this book i.e. Kali’s Retribution is the 2nd book from the Kalki chronicles by author Abhinav and I haven’t read the part 1. Hence, the book begins with the continuation of the first chronicles. However, catching up with the plot was not that hard, as I managed to read the blurb and the plotline of the first book before I started reading it.
What I learned from book 1 ‘The Sage’s Secret’ was that, In the year 2025, twenty-year-old Anirudh starts dreaming of Krishna. But these visions that keep flashing through his mind are far from an ordinary fantasy-they are vivid episodes from the god's life. Through these scenes, as Krishna's mystifying schemes are revealed, Anirudh slowly comes to terms with his real identity.
He is the last avatar of Vishnu, sent to restore the balance between good and evil. But an ancient and powerful nemesis, burning with the fire of revenge, has already started assembling a clan of mighty sorcerers to finally be rid of the protector god and unleash depravity on earth.
Moving forward to book 2, Anirudh, the protagonist is in search of the greatest weapon which has been long hidden in the palace of Dwarka (a fabled submerge area). On the contrary, Kalarakshasa, the demon o f time is also on the hunt for the same. Who will win the battle? Who will win the fight between the good and the evil? Find out, in this fascinating legendary tale of Indian Mythology.
As a huge fan of mythology, I was engrossed with the tale and could easily catch up with the plot even without reading book 1. The author has very well-written the book, with a good amount of research done allowing readers to clearly understand and connect with the story. I understand that it is a book on epic mythology and it is meant to give out details, but it seemed like the story has been rather stretched in some parts, whilst a little rushed on some.
Overall, the book is simple and light to read and it will find a favorite to anyone who is into mythology, ancient wars, a hint of love and those who enjoy reading ancient epic chronicles.  
Will it be long before Kali, the Lord of Evil, takes up the reins of the mortal world? And will the darkness brought upon by the Kali-yuga soon eclipse the earth? Find out what happens in Kali’s Retribution. 

Book Details
Title: Kali's Retribution [The Kalki Chronicles]
Author: Abhinav
Price: Rs. 182
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Penguin (19 August 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 014344235X
ISBN-13: 978-0143442356
My Rating: 4/5


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