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Killing Time in Delhi by Ravi Shankar Etteth: Book Review

About the Book
Bon vivant Charlie Seth, a privileged denizen of Lutyens’ Delhi, leads a life of idle luxury fuelled by money, drugs, sex, and parties. A cocaine overdose kills his ditzy girlfriend, thrusting him into a maelstrom of conspiracy, murder, blackmail, and promiscuity. As the world of Crazy Rich Punjabis unravels, Charlie’s future is suddenly at the mercy of an enigmatic woman, an unscrupulous swami, a society-obsessed policeman, a slippery drug pusher and a disloyal valet. The only person who can help him is his missing aunt. Holed up in the country palace that his grandfather had won in a game of cards from a raja on Diwali, Charlie plots his revenge.
Killing Time in Delhi is a brutally funny look into the shenanigans of Delhi’s ultrarich who live in the fast lane and are high on hypocrisy, borrowed money, and dubious deals.

My Take on the Book
You may be wondering, 'if the title of the book is really about 'Killing Time in Delhi?' then,  yes, it is. Also, it is absolutely and slightly intended to be a pun.  'Killing Time in Delhi' by Ravi Shankar Etteth is an intriguing book with a fascinating plot line, filled with love, sex, death, dry humour, love and lots of expensive parties, cars and money involved.
When I first started reading the book, I thought it was one of those typical murder related books which will leave you with suspense and curiosity, leading to more uncovering of truth, but it is more than what I was expecting it to be. The book is perfectly written in a satire cum dry humour tone which will lure you into reading the book without pause. Since I love anything that is related to satire, this book surely did amp up my inner sarcasm side.
I was deeply engrossed with the reading as the plot line was captivating, refreshing and such tale coming from an Indian writer was amusing to read. The author description of events and dialogues is clear and beguiling which make it easier for readers to envision an image/event in their head. The author is clear with what he wants his characters to be. I really loved how he portrayed the story in such a way one would enjoy a satirical piece of work. The book is face-paced and you will surely find yourself reading it fully engrossed. The author has sketched interesting characters, especially the main protagonist 'Charlie' who had my full attention. Charlie's character is interesting and gripping. You would surely enjoy the read if you love thriller genre or someone who prefers dry humour with mix of sarcasms.
P.s: Spoiler Alert: The death of Charlie's girlfriend at the beginning of the novel is what made the story revolve around murder, which led to even more riveting actions. Killing Time in Delhi is a brutally funny look into the shenanigans of Delhi’s ultrarich who live in the fast lane and are high on hypocrisy, borrowed money, and dubious deals.
 Book Details
Title: Killing Time in Delhi
Author:  Ravi Shanker Etteth
Publisher: Westland (25 January 2019)
Price: Rs. 395 (Hardcover) 
Pages: 197
ISBN-10: 9387894800
ISBN-13: 978-9387894808
My Rating: 4/5 

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  1. Wow ! It sounds like an interesting book !

  2. Interesting.. Sounds very familiar to this book called 'Money' by Martin Amis.. Do check it out

  3. Liked the plot! Must have been an interesting read.

  4. Woah! Seems like an interesting read!!

  5. Seems like a good read. Pass it on to me sometime 🙈

  6. Looks like something I wanna read over the weekend.

  7. This looks like my thing :D
    I'll definitely add this to my immediate TBR!!

  8. Seems a good read, will read it

  9. Must be a great book.your way of putting across the review is great

  10. Sounds interesting. I love satirical writings and would surely look for it

  11. Seems really good! Will buy it surely. Great review. :)

  12. Very interesting book and nice review :)
    -Maya Bhat

  13. Great review, lookslike an interesting one to have in the bookshelf

  14. Very interesting review. You have a way with words. Brilliantly done.


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