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Book Review: A drop of You by Krishna Chhetri

About the Book We become overtly colourless when our hearts aren't together; only when a soul finds its body, they sing and dance together to the colours of life. Three closely knit people, Karma, Diana & Ghazal meet at the crossroads of life, unaware of the cosmic conspiracy and its comical destiny. Heart is their road, love is their journey and the soul, the final destination. Sailing on the tides of emotions, they encounter deceit, with a tinge of poison and drop of bliss.   Forever love; it is a myth? Or a reality? Is it stifling pain or undying love, that makes love eternal? Come, let us explore! My Take on the book For someone who loves poetry, this book is a refreshing read. A drop of you is the debut book by Krishna Chhetri, the book narrates the story of three friends,  Karma, Diana, and Ghazal, who  are caught in a love triangle situation. This is a tale of love,  friendship, destiny, and heartbreak.    Like every love triangle, three friends find th

Interview with Arun Batish author of EKA- Rendezvous with your Life Forces

I had the pleasure to interview Arun Batish- the author of 'EKA- Rendezvous with your Life Forces,' to know more about his new book. Scroll down to find out what he has to say about the book, his opinion on the element of a good writer, his writing process, and more about his inspiration.   About the Author Arun Batish is an Indian-born Writer, Corporate Executive, Verbalizer, Author and an Aspiring Politician. He has availed Politicians, Business Houses, Multi-National Corporations and the who’s who of Social Communities to efficaciously communicate their conceptions in the most effective words to the ‘audience’ of repute to them.  When he isn’t working, you’ll find Arun playing extreme sports, pumping iron, taking jungle safaris and conquering snowy mountains.                                1. What is your book about? My book " EKA – Rendezvous With Your Life Forces" describes that a rendezvous happens with life forces every single d

Sex Yoga Right to Sex Education Or a Wrong Rape Book by Korak Day- Book Review

 About the book Break free, celebrate your body, if you want, but do not commit the evil rape.  First, get educated in sex and all things related to it, then either explore or ignore as per your inner command, but be neither an ignorant fool nor a hypocrite. 23 ways of kissing, 13 forms of embracing, 12 of scratching, 9 biting ideas, 20 attitudes of a sexual union, 8 styles of blowjobs and much more would guarantee you the pleasures that you never explored.  Sex is vile only for evil people; the rest can feel the joy. My take on the book A very light read with just 84 pages, Sex Yoga is a book on how and why it is important to understand sex as a right thing, which if treated wrongly can lead to the present modern societies i.e rape, mistreatment of men and woman, etc. the book is about knowing one’s body and understanding the ecstasy in the way that comes naturally to us. This book is more like a beginner's guide to understanding sex and knowing everything before

Kali's Retribution [The Kalki Chronicles] by Abhinav: Book Review

About the Book A god with a powerful weapon. An immortal sorcerer. An inevitable showdown. Successful in deciphering Krishna's puzzles and retrieving the Kaustubha locket, Anirudh finally accepts his destiny as Kalki--the tenth avatar of Vishnu. However, with the ever-perilous world moving too fast for him to keep up with, he is taken under the wing of an esoteric society created for his protection. As ancient allies watch over him from the Himalayas, Anirudh moves to find the greatest weapon in the universe hidden in the fabled submerged palace of Dwarka. However, the Demon of Time, Kalarakshasa, yearns to possess it as well. In an ultimate showdown, the cloaked sorcerer faces the last avatar of Vishnu on the battlefield. Will it be long before Kali, the Lord of Evil, takes up the reins of the mortal world? And will the darkness brought upon by the Kali-yuga soon eclipse the earth? My Take on the Book Before I start reviewing let me tell you that, th

Book Review: Heartquake by K. Vijayakarthikeyan.

About the Book Once upon a time, there was a city plagued by greed, corruption and mysterious deaths… A patriotic IAS officer, Vikram, decides to expose a corrupt and powerful minister, Rudra Pratap Rana (aka RPR), during the latter’s visit to the IAS training academy. The video of Vikram asking the minister some highly embarrassing questions in front of a packed auditorium goes viral. Instead of having Vikram suspended from service, a vengeful RPR unleashes violence on the officer’s family, and to continue the torture, RPR gets Vikram posted as the sub-divisional magistrate in Laxmipur—the politician’s backyard. As soon as Vikram joins duty, RPR resumes his vengeance. However, a new drama unfolds when a large number of people start dying of heart attacks across Laxmipur. As Vikram tries to unravel these mysterious deaths with the help of Veda, a cardiologist, and Raghu, a police officer, extreme panic grips the city, which soon leads to riots and pandemonium. Vikram is left wit

Book Review: Sometimes it happens Karan Sharma

About the Book What happens when two adults with a vast age difference fall in love? Gautam is a twenty-five-year-old upcoming professional and Roshni, a senior management member working in the same multinational bank. More than a decade apart in age, they cannot help but feel attracted to each other. However, can two people with such a vast age difference be compatible? Sometimes It Happens explores the fun and turmoil as they fall in love, get laughed at by their friends and then develop cold feet, thinking about the repercussions their age difference could have on their relationship. They say love is blind. So, will two smart professionals decide to listen to their hearts or will they listen to their mind to avert what may be the biggest blunder of their lives? My Take on the Book Have you ever fallen in love with someone who is way younger or older than you? Do you think having a huge age gap should/ would hamper two people falling in love? Sometimes it Happen

Narasimha The Mahaavatar Trilogy Book 1 by Kevin Missal: Book review

About the Book Narasimha, once a brave soldier, has left the war and lies low as a physician in a village. But a familiar face from his past seeks his help to stop the tyranny of the blind usurper Andhaka. If Narasimha refuses, the world might just end. What will he do? And why did he leave the war in the first place? Prahlad, the interim king of Kashyapuri, is torn between the ideals of his unrighteous father and his love for Lord Vishnu. Whom will he choose? Hiranyakashyap, the ruler of the Asura Empire, wants to avenge the death of his wife. To do that, he must go through the Trials and get the ultimate weapon - the Brahmastra. But the Trials have sent so many others to their death. Can Hiranyakashyap survive? My Take on the Book Narasimha - The Mahaavatar Trilogy Book 1, the latest book by Kevin Missal  is a pure page turner and a real treat for every mythology lover. The book is filled with rich mythological insights and brief narration of notable Hindu mythological chara

Book Review; Red Card by Kautuk Shrivastava

About the Book One team. One year. Everything to lose. When Rishabh Bala reaches the tenth standard, life takes a turn for the complicated. The bewildered boy feels the pressure of the looming board exams and finds himself, hopelessly-and hormonally-in love. But what he yearns for most is a victory on the field: at least one trophy with his beloved school football team. Set in the suburban Thane of 2006, here is a coming-of-age story that runs unique as it does familiar. Hopscotching from distracted classrooms and tired tutorials to triumphs and tragedies on muddy grounds, this is the journey of Rishabh and his friends from peak puberty to the cusp of manhood. My Take on the Book Red card, a word which is synonyms to the football game and surely something which is clearly a familiar term to every football enthusiast. Written by Kautuk and published by Penguin publisher, Red Card took me down the memory lane to the times when I was in high school. The book is a comi

Book Review: ASTRA- The quest for Starsong by Aditya Mukherjee and Arnav Mukherjee

 About the Book The world should burn . . . burn like a star! The balance of the world is askew. The winds speak of a terror from the south. Ravana, the Lord of Lanka, is on the march. Seers whisper that he has awakened Starsong, a mythical Astra of the gods. And that he thirsts for this weapon that will make him invincible. But there is one thing that he hasn't considered. Up high in the glistening tower of the city of Ulka is a boy, held captive. Today is the day Varkan, the young prince of Ashmaka will taste freedom. Today is the day he will lay claim to his destiny as the wielder of Starsong. And along the way, perhaps he will change the destiny of the world itself.  My Take on the Book This month I am on a spree of reading YA fantasy and I must say it feels magical. Truth be told, but I am a sucker for fantasy read. Growing up, it was  always one of my favourite genres and till today it holds a soft spot deep down my bookworm spirit. T

Book Review: The Children Of Destruction by Kuber Kaushik

About the book We used to live in a world of magic . . . For Alice, life as a teenager is hard enough without turning into a supernatural herald of destruction. And you would think that after causing minor hurricanes with a major sneeze, being visited by a talking fox and ending up on a journey with death around every corner, things can't get much worse. Wrong. They can. Between a blind and telekinetic mass murderer, a girl bound to a shadow-demon and a genetically engineered pseudo-messiah, a whole generation of weird is ready to come of age. And when it does, the world will change. If it survives that long. My take on the book As a fan of YA fantasy thriller, I couldn’t really put this book down once I started off. The intriguing fantasy filled  plot-line  kept me hooked, until  I reminded myself that I have to come back to reality. The children of destruction written by Kuber Kaushik is beautifully executed in the fundamentals of racy magic filled the li

The Reason is You by Nikita Singh- Book Review

“This is a novel told from the perspective of its male protagonist. It is about being in love with someone who is struggling with depression, and how that affects the person taking on the role of a caretaker in a relationship. The story further explores how mental health issues still have this societal stigma attached, and how their symptoms tend to get overlooked or even dismissed.” – Nikita Singh About the Book Siddhant meets Akriti during their medical residency in Delhi. Their connection is instant, blossoming from the many similarities between them. So, when Akriti faces a devastating loss, she leans on Siddhant for support. In the heat of an emotional moment, the two decide that this must be love. But as Akriti's depression begins to take a stronger hold over her, she spirals out of control, sinking deeper into an abyss of fear, insecurity, and rage. And while Siddhant struggles to help her, it seems like everything he does is only making things worse. Meanwhile, Si