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To Read, or not to Click is the question

This is in response to the recent article by Vulture and The Guardian about bookstagrammerswhich was so uncalled for. Describing them as annoying, pretentious readers, and who are likely to depress others by sharing pictures of them while reading or throwing themselves in a pile of books, for Instagram. Of Course, I am a book blogger, and I couldn't help but pen my thought and  disagree with how the article has portrayed us. It left me feeling livid, hence, I had to note my say and defend our book blogging community on the ongoing debate. Coz,  hello!  It's 2018, let people enjoy the things they love doing, reading and clicking pictures of books,  for instance. 

Credit: pinterest
Am I even a real reader, if I throw myself in a pile of open books, just coz I wish to show how much I love the smell of freshly printed books and that I can easily fall prey of it?
Am I even a real reader, if I buy books with pretty covers, only to read them later and discuss with my other bookworms?
Am I even a real reader, if I display the number of books piled up in my bookshelf, whilst checking off my TBR list?
Am I even a real reader, if I make use of the Autumn season with dry leaves, and a pumpkin to go with my current read, just so I can make my picture look aesthetics and gain ‘Unearned Likes”?
Am I even a real reader, if I keep a mug of coffee on a table along with my journal and more books to make it look unreal?
Am I even a real reader, if I use books as props and set them down for just a moment, a cup of steaming coffee set to one side, wool-sock-clad feet in the frame but not a hint of pants. All that for Instagram?
Maybe you are not qualified to be called a reader. Well, at least according to some people. One must eliminate all the above-aforementioned condition and read books in silent, or at least not show off or talk about it on Instagram page, i.e, if you are a realistic reader. Mind you, there are Vultures and other book Guardians eyeing on us, bibliophile (pun intended). They may start judging you, call you annoying or someone who doesn't have time to read, but buy books only to take a picture and post them, or worst to worst tag you as somebody who is willing to depress other’s life.
But, truth be told, how much do they know about Bookstagrammers? A community filled with book-loving individuals, who love to read (correction: re-read.), review books, create group/buddy reading session, discuss their favourite literature characters, and yes, of course, take attractive pictures to share and encourage people to read. And, maybe, just maybe, some may find it unappealing to see us getting bonded over bookish discussions and clicking striking book post. What does it matter?  if we use books as a prop, FYI, we do actually read them and share our views with our followers. What does it matter?  if we drape our bodies around books and find comfort in it? What does it matter? if we fan out our long hairs on the things we love and feel the calm from the chaos that is around us, at least for a moment.
To clear off the doubts you have on Bookstagrammers… some food for thought to all those who are uninformed about the fact that there is more to book blogging than just about taking pretty pictures as well as surrounding ourselves with piles of open paperbacks. Thank me later.
Credit: pinterest
No, we don’t just use Instagram to post pictures of our books collection just so that people will envy us, or it will make them feel depressed. We do it, coz we want to encourage others to read. What harm does one see in that? Also, if you must know, reading books can educate you, better your memory and increase empathy. Make note.
No, posting bookish related posts are not to annoy anyone, we just love to share the pleasure we feel when we are about to devour the 'intellectual' knowledge filled in literature world.
No, we just don’t cosy up for the camera, we actually prep ourselves with all the necessities, Coffee? Check. Blankie? Check. Woollen socks? Check. Open books? Double Check. That’s how we prepare ourselves before delving in the fictional world where you are no longer vulnerable.
No, we don’ t wish to share few titles of the books we are reading. Some things are better left unknown (Also, we love Mystery.). But, if it intrigues you, we are always welcome to recommend the book.
No, we are not ashamed or hopelessly addicted to our intellectual hobby, we are proud readers who love to bond with like-minded people, who won’t waste their time on bashing book lovers, but instead inspire each other 'to read and to click' so that the world can be a better/kinder place to live in.
Credit: pinterest
There, you go! I did my part in educating you about Bookstagrammers surrounding their world with open and close books. And, if you still think only real readers enjoy books in silent, while the rest just post them on Instagram to mess it up and show off, then we would just leave you thinking that Bookstagrammer lives are prettier, more whimsical, more creative than yours. Which is true BTW.
Credit: pinterest
P.s: I will take my book Wherever I go, I will read them Anywhere I want, and I will capture pictures However I want.
Now, off I go to annoy people with my Bookstagramme post!


  1. Haha this is such a great response. People are always quick to put down others if they do the same task or hobby differently from them. There are bigger problems to worry about that whether a stranger you've never met is a "real" reader because they have lots of cool photos of books. Maybe they should read about said actual problems and give us all peace!

    1. Thank you. And Indeed. I agree with you, people are always judging no matter what you do. Good or bad.

  2. Well I liked the pictures of organized and chaos books. I say if it annoys you all you have to do is keep scrolling.


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