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Debut Novel Paradise Towers by Shweta Bachchan-Nanda

Who hasn't heard of Shweta Bachchan-Nanda ?   A well-known personality, and the daughter of actors Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan - the superstar, she is also  a columnist for DNA and Vogue,  now you know.  For someone who religiously follows S hweta Bachchan-Nanda's  columns , I was super elated when she announced her debut book- Paradise Tower s, and I couldn't wait for its release, was even more excited to be invited and be a part of the launch event. So, without further ado, here I note my review for Paradise Towers published by Harper Collins India. Blurb Dinesh opens the door to the Kapoor flat to find Lata, the enchantress who works at Mrs. Aly Khan's, carrying a hot case with freshly made 'gaajar ka halwa.' On the first floor, the inquisitive Mrs. Mody wipes the dust off her precious binoculars to spy on the building's security guard. The Singhs open the doors of their SUV, their four boys creating a ruckus - they are the newcomers, the outsi

October Women's Fab Bag Subscription 2018 Review

Hey, Lovelies!! October is here already!! Well, TBH I am elated coz this month is one of my favourite months, so yeah, I can see myself getting all hyped up. Also, most probably because I got my hands on the October Women's Fab Bag Subscription, which is filled with some amazing beauty products. Alrighty, enough of my talking and let’s get to the unboxing session.  Without further ado, let’s check out what is inside my October  Women's Fab Bag Subscription ? The theme for this month is ‘The Colour Your Way’ and one of the best things about this bag is that they included 10 mini lipstick to colour up your way for the festive season, all ten? Yep.  Here are the products which I received: •     Seduction Las Vegas Mini Lipsticks Set of 10 – Rs.499 This is what I was gushing about, a set of 10 mini lipsticks from the brand Seduction  Las Vegas. All the shades of the lipstick are literally beautiful, and it does looks like I will be applying

The Heartfulness Way Review: Book by Joshua Pollock and Kamlesh D. Patel

Blurb: Based on Daaji’s own combination of approaches and practices for the modern spiritual seeker—which draws from the teachings of the Sahaj Marg, meaning “The Natural Path,” and incorporates elements of Sufism—Heartfulness is a contemporized version of the ancient Indian practice of Raja Yoga, a tradition that enables the practitioner to realise the divine self within. While many books describe refined states of consciousness and connection to a higher self, often called “enlightenment” or “nirvana,” The Heartfulness Way goes further, providing a pragmatic course to experience them, which, per the book’s guiding principle, is “better than knowledge.” Heartfulness meditation consists of four elements—relaxation, meditation, rejuvenation, and connection—and illuminates the ancient, defining feature of yogic transmission (or pranahuti), the utilization of divine energy for spiritual growth and transformation. Using the method, detailed practices, tips, and practical philosop