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Book Review: Pyjama Profit by Varun Mayya & Abhinav Chhikara

Just down to chapter 5 and I got a hang of how to freelance and successfully stabilise my income, whilst becoming an expert in my own field. Well, I am referring to the book which I am going to review today- Pyjama Profit- The Millennial's Guide to a Sustainable Freelance Career authored by Varun Mayya Abhinav Chhikara

If you have been regularly reading my book reviews, you would definitely get the idea that I am reading/reviewing a lot of self-help/guidebook this month, and adding this book on my list only enhanced my reading goals. To begin with, let me tell you what this book is all about. 
Blurb and About the Book:
Pyjama Profit is a guide for millennials to get started with a self-sustained online freelance practice while developing their skills needed to succeed. The book talks about in-demand online skills and the different paths one can take to become an expert in these fields. A stable income from freelancing in college was the bedrock that had allowed the authors to explore their ambitions further and get to where they are today. In the process, they've worked with many of their own batch mates, colleagues and friends to help them set up highly successful freelance careers.
The author duo decided to detail their story of what worked for them and how anyone in the country could thrive without being tied down to a full-time job. The book is a perfect fit in today's time because of the growing freelance economy and growing aspirations among millennials to find a job they love and not just something that pays their bills.
My Take on the book:
As a millennial with a 9-5 job cum a part-time #freelancer, this book added so much sense and I could very well resonate with whatever methods it was leading me into. The book elucidated with facts on how you can achieve the art of making a successful career in freelancing, and this made me want to give up my 9-5 job and do away with just freelancing. (Yes, for real). The debut authors Varun Mayya & Abhinav Chhikara gives us a complete glimpse of how life as a freelancer can help you stabilise your financial ground and how you can explore one ambition without the fear of getting fired or tired (#fact). It also talk about the author's decision in taking up freelancing  as a full-time profession and how they attained great success by working from the comfort of their home. Pyjama Profit is a step to step guidebook which will up-skill readers on how to sustain an income via freelancing and (who knows?) in the midst of taking up projects you might end with starting off your own venture/brand, just like the authors did. The book gave me a clear perceptive on how freelancing is quite demanding in this technological era and it is possible to achieve immeasurable success without the pain of going through a full-time job- which include marketing, content writing, design and web development etc. 
The book is highly original as the author wrote it based on real-life experiences, reliving few trial and error situations, but achieved success with constant hard work and patience. The author duo defined a detailed account of what worked for them and what not, or how it is possible to survive  and earn with just a laptop and an internet connection. The book is an absolute refreshing read with thought-provoking and inspiring examples.
This book will really help someone who does not prefer a 9-5 job and is considering the idea of freelancing. I personally felt the book was hard-hitting, with facts and actual figure which were quite helpful (not forgetting the site references in the book for those looking for freelancing projects). The last chapter which talks about the author's decision to give up their final semester and considering a full-time freelancing career is bound to leave you inspired and motivated.
Pyjama Profit- The Millennial's Guide to a Sustainable Freelance Career will probably guide you in starting off a career as a full-time freelancer, in the comfort of just sitting at home- working and earning in your pyjamas.  Because, that’s what Pyjama Profit is all about!

Book Details:
Title: Pyjama profit- The Millennial's Guide to a Sustainable Freelance Career
Author: Varun Mayya & Abhinav Chhikara
Pages: 136 pages
Price: Rs. 399
Publisher: Bloomsbury India (18 July 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9387146847
ISBN-13: 978-9387146846
My Rating: 4.5/5

Thank You, Bloomsbury India for the review copy!


  1. This sounds like a wonderful book. Getting my copy now. I also liked the way you reviewed it. Thats what we call "an honest and unbiased review".

    1. It is a good book. Hope you enjoy reading it.
      Thank you, for your kind words :)

  2. Incredible occupation for distributing a particularly decent article. I'm stunned by the manner in which you have clarified things in this article. Thank you since you have been happy to impart data to us. freelance service marketplace


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