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How my Instagram got hacked and How I recovered it

As a social media influencer who is constantly depended on their online followers and online content, the worst nightmare ever will be his/her social media account getting hacked. Not that the hackers can misuse your identity, but the thoughts of working and growing your online presence not only scares you but only add woes to your already broken soul. And, if you are using social media just a way to maintain your social status, I bet it will make you feel the same way, maybe.  Unfortunately, this happened to me, and I became the victim of what one might call an identity theft. It all started one fine Friday morning, right after my birthday when I woke up and wanted to scroll through my Instagram account to check on the amount of likes I received on the picture which I uploaded the day before. And Lo and behold! I couldn’t sign into my own account as it signaled me that   I was using a wrong username and password, I checked and re-checked the spelling again for infinite amount

Unboxing and review of BooksnBeyond Feburary edition

                                                       Wrinkle In Time Another Month and another unboxing and review of BooksNBeyond Box. A Lil late to write this… I know, I have been MIA lately for a longer period this time, but I am back. So, let’s get back to the unboxing! The February theme for BooksNBeyond Box was ‘Wrinkle In Time’ and glad I got my hands on it before it got sold out. One of the reasons why I was super excited about this box was coz it was the curator's ‘Papiya's' and also my birthday month. I was super elated to see the box just two days before my birthday, it was everything which would make you want to say 'it is perfect.' I did a full unboxing scene on my Instagram page, but nothings better than writing what I feel about all the beautiful stuffs. So, without wasting much time, I am going to show you what’s inside my BooksNBeyond February edition box. Since the theme of the box is based on Time, it has some awesome booki