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Book Review: A Rural Manifesto by Feroze Varun Gandhi

Before I begin my review, let me notify that this read is an 800+ pages book. Which at first, I thought I will leave this book in my #DNF list. However, as I started skimming through the pages, I was engrossed and hooked to finishing it. The book left me amused by the amount of research the author must have gone through. I am talking about the book- A Rural Manifesto: Realizing India’s Future Through Her Villages by Feroze Varun Gandhi . About the Book Feroze Varun Gandhi, the author of ‘ A Rural Manifesto’ is a second-term Member of Parliament, who represented the Pilibhit constituency in 2009, and was elected from the Sultanpur constituency in 2014. He was the youngest ever National Secretary of the BJP from 2008–11, and the youngest ever National General Secretary of the Party from 2011–14. He is a member of its National Executive. In his book, the author talks about the effort to make Indian agriculture globally competitive. Like I have mentioned, the author must ha

Shashi Tharoor, Sudha Murty, Ruskin Bond, Soha Ali Khan and Benyamin win big at the 16th Crossword Book Award

In its 16 th edition, the prestigious Crossword Book Award in association with Shoppers Stop , Home Stop and Kotak Mahindra Bank witnessed a remarkable literary event, which saw a venerable celebration of Indian writing in English for books published in the year 2017 at the majestic Royal Opera House - Mumbai. As India’s oldest and most respected literary award, the Crossword Book Award encompasses a total of 11 awards in categories such as fiction, non-fiction, children’s, translation in the jury as well as popular categories. Two additional categories - business & management and health & fitness are part of the popular awards alone. The summit of the evening is the Lifetime Achievement Award, instituted in 2016, given to a literary stalwart. Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Commonwealth Writers’ Prize winner and prolific author with a global fan following, was conferred the same, for his exemplary contribution to Indian writing in English. For the first time in the histor

Paulo Coelho's Book Hippie Review

Drawing on the rich experience of his own life, bestselling author Paulo Coelho takes us back in time to relive the dreams of a generation that longed for peace and dared to challenge the established social order. In HIPPIE, he tells the story of Paulo, a skinny Brazilian with a goatee and long hair, setting off on a journey in search of a deeper meaning for his life. He travels on the famous ‘Death Train to Bolivia’, then on to Peru, later hitchhiking through Chile and Argentina. In the famous Dam Square in Amsterdam, he finds young people playing music while discussing sexual liberation, the expansion of consciousness and the search for an inner truth. There he meets Karla, a Dutch woman in her twenties who has been waiting to find the ideal companion to accompany her on the fabled hippie trail to Nepal. Together with their fellow travellers, they embark on a trip aboard the Magic Bus, heading across Europe and Central Asia to Kathmandu. For everyone, the journey is transfo

Book Review: Tides Don't Cross by Simar Malhotra

Blurb Sparks fly immediately when Rukmani—fierce and assertive in the best and worst possible ways—meets the gentle Ayaan in the magical city Paris. Meanwhile, back in India, her reticent sister, Mrinalini struggles to cope with the void of a loveless marriage and an early pregnancy. Tides Don’t Cross follows these extremely interesting characters as their lives cross in surprising ways. Mrinalini, Ayaan, and Rukmani wade through choppy tides, unaware of their common destiny. Deeply touching, this is an unforgettable story of thwarted desires, of love and its loss, of losing and finding oneself, and of falling and learning to rise. About the Book Tides don’t cross by Simar Malhotra is classified into 3 different parts, the book recount the story of the common destiny one goes through in life. The book is a mix of love and its loss, with a hint of family drama cum romance. Neelam Siritiya, a single mother had a love marriage which did not work the way she expected. Henc

Skin Rules: Your 6-week Plan to Radiant Skin book review

What if you could achieve glowing skin in just six weeks? Sounds unbelievable, but it's true! In Skin Rules, Dr. Jaishree Sharad, one of India's top cosmetic dermatologists, gives you a revolutionary six-week plan to healthy, blemish-free skin. From the basics-identifying your skin type, acquainting yourself with the fine print on labels-to home remedies, choosing the right make-up and the latest advancements in skincare treatments, this book has the answers to all your skin woes. You'd be amazed at what a short, six-week routine can do for your skin. So, what are you waiting for? About the Book Would you believe if you were told that you can get blemish free skin in 6 weeks? I mean, if it is coming from one of India’s top cosmetic dermatologist. Well, to some, this may seem like an impossible task, while for few, this sounds like music to the ears and they would definitely love to put their heart and soul in following all the beauty ritual from the book

To Read, or not to Click is the question

This is in response to the recent article by  Vulture  and The  Guardian  about  bookstagrammers ,  which was so uncalled for. Describing them as annoying, pretentious readers, and who are likely to depress others by sharing pictures of them while reading or throwing themselves in a pile of books, for Instagram.  Of Course, I am a book blogger, and I couldn't help but pen my thought and  disagree with how the article has portrayed us. It left me feeling livid, hence, I had to note my say and defend our book blogging community on the ongoing debate. Coz,  hello!  It's 2018, let people enjoy the things they love doing, reading and clicking pictures of books,  for instance.  Credit: pinterest Am I even a real reader, if I throw myself in a pile of open books, just coz I wish to show how much I love the smell of freshly printed books and that I can easily fall prey of it? Am I even a real reader, if I buy books with pretty covers, only to read them later and discuss wi

Debut Novel Paradise Towers by Shweta Bachchan-Nanda

Who hasn't heard of Shweta Bachchan-Nanda ?   A well-known personality, and the daughter of actors Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan - the superstar, she is also  a columnist for DNA and Vogue,  now you know.  For someone who religiously follows S hweta Bachchan-Nanda's  columns , I was super elated when she announced her debut book- Paradise Tower s, and I couldn't wait for its release, was even more excited to be invited and be a part of the launch event. So, without further ado, here I note my review for Paradise Towers published by Harper Collins India. Blurb Dinesh opens the door to the Kapoor flat to find Lata, the enchantress who works at Mrs. Aly Khan's, carrying a hot case with freshly made 'gaajar ka halwa.' On the first floor, the inquisitive Mrs. Mody wipes the dust off her precious binoculars to spy on the building's security guard. The Singhs open the doors of their SUV, their four boys creating a ruckus - they are the newcomers, the outsi

October Women's Fab Bag Subscription 2018 Review

Hey, Lovelies!! October is here already!! Well, TBH I am elated coz this month is one of my favourite months, so yeah, I can see myself getting all hyped up. Also, most probably because I got my hands on the October Women's Fab Bag Subscription, which is filled with some amazing beauty products. Alrighty, enough of my talking and let’s get to the unboxing session.  Without further ado, let’s check out what is inside my October  Women's Fab Bag Subscription ? The theme for this month is ‘The Colour Your Way’ and one of the best things about this bag is that they included 10 mini lipstick to colour up your way for the festive season, all ten? Yep.  Here are the products which I received: •     Seduction Las Vegas Mini Lipsticks Set of 10 – Rs.499 This is what I was gushing about, a set of 10 mini lipsticks from the brand Seduction  Las Vegas. All the shades of the lipstick are literally beautiful, and it does looks like I will be applying