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Book Review: Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi

Mukund and Chaddha spend their days comfortably ensconced in their cushy jobs, wallowing in regrets that make for good conversation. Mukund, in a fit of bravado. resigns to pursue his “calling”; the only hitch is that he doesn't know what it is yet! Chaddha is fired and seeks solace in shooting pigeons at point-blank range.

Mukund's life spirals out of control when Colonel Harpal Singh, the housing society secretary, finds in him a reflection of his estranged son. Harpal places Mukund under “house arrest”, puts him on trial in a kangaroo court and coerces him to fight a ludicrous duel.

Constantly under threat, and running out of time and money, Mukund is about to go back to being a man with bad dandruff, a small car and even smaller dreams, when he meets Suman, a girl who, like him, is trying to figure out what life is all about. 
About the Book:
Written in a first-person perspective, Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi takes you on a 
journey which will help you get a reality check on Indian’s society, where an over-hyped pursuit of passion is all about owning a flashy car, posh bungalows, high paying salaries and how it remains the only lasting symbols of success and happiness.

Going by the cover, it is safe to say that the book will attract reader with its colorful illustrations. The book narrates the story of three different characters- Mukund, his flatmate Chaddha, and Mukund’s good friend Sampu whose lives are ensconced in their cushy jobs, wallowing in regret that makes for good conversation. The ‘not so perfect life’ of these characters will make you realize how hard it is to break through the competitive world and fit in the society.
Mukund works in one of the MNC, he earned a name for himself with a good bank account, a wagonR car and a lifestyle which he think is what most people of his age wishes for. However, with all the comfort of having a satisfied life, he decides to quit his job the day he realized he was going to be thrown out by his boss. He goes in pursuit of his ‘Calling’ though he has no idea what it was, later he makes up his mind and decided to write a book while making good use of his spare time too. 
Chaddha, on the other hand, is seeking for someone whom he can get married to, with some exception on the physical preference. After few weeks of Mukund quitting his job, Chaddha is fired from his, he starts seeking solace in shooting pigeons at point-blank range and updating his resume for finding another job. 
Sampu is an undecided, yet a loyal friend who is confused and stuck between her pregnant wife’s mood swings and the turmoil of his ‘not-so-sure’ scenario of becoming a father, adding more chaos to his already indecisive life.
Mukund's life takes a turn when Colonel Harpal Singh, the housing society secretary, finds in him a reflection of his estranged and Mukund is placed under “house arrest” putting him on trial in a kangaroo court and coerces him to fight a ludicrous duel. 

What will happen to these protagonists who end up in a situation they are not willing to go through? Will Mukund discover his calling? Will Chaddha find true peace shooting pigeon? Will Sampu finally accept the change that will take place after he becomes a father? Will they be able to fight and break the barrage of the so-called rat race for money and power in the society where being successful means having a  job, flashy cars and a big home?
Find out in the fast, comical book ‘Blowfish' written by Siddharth Tripathi

 My Take on the Book:
The author has compiled the story in such a way that readers will be able to connect with the current scenario of chasing the things we want in life just because you have to show the society how well you are doing. The narration is simple and concise which hooked me till the last page. It is fast, funny with humor and wit that will make you relate to life’s situations which one cannot ignore, but with a hint of comical and quirky anecdote.
Siddhartha's message through the story resonates India’s mindset of being fascinated with big bungalows, high paying jobs, and flashy cars, which is marked as a symbol of success.  Millennial are running after the wheel of fortune, failing to recognize their own ‘calling’ in life. This is a light read for anyone who wishes to discover where their life is leading, or for anyone who wishes to understand the importance of taking decisions and finding happiness. Blowfish is quirky but with a hard-hitting plotline which makes you feel that life can be made better if you allow yourself to take a risk in order to create something which you can call your own. And, when situation compels... you can always defend yourself just like a Blowfish will do- this species of fish have the ability to inflate themselves to a globe several times their normal size by swallowing water or air when threatened.

Book Details:
Title: Blowfish
Author: Siddharth Tripathi 
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Language: English
Pages: 296 pages
Price:  399
ISBN: 9789386643315
My Rating: 4./5

P.s- I received this book from Bloomsbury, India in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
The opinions expressed are my own.


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