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Our Story Needs No Filter Book Review

"As their love plays out against the backdrop of the upcoming student elections. Raghu finds himself embroiled in a mess he cannot seem to get out of. When his closest friends hatch a plan to rescue him, it only puts him at further risk. Will his love sail through or will it get swept away by the storm of campus politics?Set in this elaborate socio-political milieu, Sudeep Nagarkar’s book explores the dark side of relationships, the pursuit of power and the deception of the powerful." One of the most read contemporary authors, Sudeep Nagarkar, has captured hearts with his work of writings, and we won’t be surprised with another of his book dominating the best-selling fiction category. Our Story Needs No Filter  is Sudeep’s ninth book, and I will be reviewing on how well this one has fared as compared to his other love stories. Starting with the plotline: Our Story Needs No Filter is a tale of love, friendship and the fights against all odds. The book revol

Fab Bag July 2017 Review- Colour Drama

The best thing about beauty subscription box is, you get to try awesome curated beauty products every month, delivered straight to your doorstep. Right now I am on a challenge to try out all the beauty subscription boxes available in India: one at a time. Last month it was the ‘My Envy Box’, check out my review here , this time I choose the very popular ‘FAB BAG.'     It is a monthly beauty and grooming subscription box, offering exclusively customised products for both Men and Women. I have come across positive feedback about this particular subscription box, and so I thought I would give this a go. Somehow, I ended getting the order very late and since it’s already the end of the month, I bet everyone already knows what’s inside, but better late than never, also I promised to review it, so here is what I got inside my July Fab Bag. The theme for July was 'Colour Drama’ and you get to choose between a pink and peach pouch. I got the pink bag filled with the be