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Experience the new way of shopping online at G3+Fashion via video call

You got an important errand to run, but also some last minute shopping to do for a wedding or an upcoming event, So how do you fix the problem? Leave the shopping behind and wear the old outfit? No way. What if I told you that you can just chill at home and fix a video call and do your shopping at your own sweet time? Yes, that is absolutely possible. Shopping has never sounded this easy, right? Introducing the new advance way of shopping online with G3+Fashion, fix your last minute fashion need with just a click and a video call where you get to choose and have a real shopping experience.  G3+fashion is a one-stop shopping destination to cover all your wardrobe needs via a video calling option, from exclusive ethnic wear to the latest branded clothes made available for Women, Men and kids.   About G3+Fashion Being in the market for the last 29 years, G3+Fashion has been delivering the best service to over 80 and more countries. They have created a niche in the o

Book Review: Hell! No Saints in Paradise- A. K Asif

  “Had I not Seen Hell and Paradise with my own eyes, I had have taken his answers to be mere metaphors at best and a big joke at worst.”                                                            Blurb 2050, New York. In the aftermath of a gruelling spiritual cleansing quest, Ismael, a Pakistani-American student, enters into an alliance with spiritual beings who send him on a perilous journey of self-discovery. A non-believer,   Ismael  must return to Pakistan, now in the grip of a brutal fundamentalist government, and gain the trust of his estranged father, a prominent extremist in the Caliphate. To accomplish this, he must pose as a true believer. Will he survive long enough to infiltrate his father's inner sanctum and complete his mission? Hell! No Saints in Paradise is both biting satire and allegory that takes urban fantasy to dizzying heights. So before I begin my review, just a few thought…. Do you believe heaven and hell exist? As a religious believer, I

Review: Maybelline New York Baby Lips, Winter Flush Lip Balm

Winter is already around the corner, the cold dry breeze is making its whirl, and it is probably the season where we need to be exceptionally careful and take good care of our skin, hair and not forgetting our lips.  The weather makes everything feel so dry and lack of moisture, so we have to go an extra mile to keep up with the season, choose the best of moisturisers and shampoo to handle our dry situation. And, talking of dry, an extra precaution to keep our lips from chapping is a must. It's time we pack our winter essentials and brace ourselves, coz... 'Winter is Here.'  From my personal experience, Maybelline has always been my go-to beauty products whether it may be their awesome collection of eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, eyeliners, etc. or when it comes to taking care of my lips. So, if I have to pick up my winter lips nourishment, I had put my money on their lip care products. Any day. On that note, I will be reviewing their recently launched, Maybell

Review: Innisfree It’s real Squeeze Mask

Hola Loves !! So... what do you do when your face feels dull, tired and you have no time for a facial or you can't spare a day to rush to your favourite salon for a quick clean-up or a facial spa treatment? Maybe, you probably need an 'Instant' skin hydrating formula for the timing? Well, Innisfree  It's real squeeze mask   is here to your rescue!  This Korean skincare brand has taken over the beauty world, and people are going gaga with its easy-to-use mask sheet which has been a fad for a longer period now. And, today I will be reviewing 3 of Innisfree “It’s real Squeeze” Masks. This so-called face sheet has been an in-thing in Korea for the past many years, and I was pretty fascinated to try it out. Luckily, it made its way to India, and I was excited to get my hands on them and feel the way it works.  I am super conscious w hen it comes to any skin care thing,   and it usually takes me a lot of researching and convincing to try new products for the fir

Unboxing and Review: BooksNBeyond October Box

                              Hi Book Lovers, I am back with yet another super awesome unboxing of BooksNBeyond October box. And... Boy, oh boy!! Am I impressed with the content? Totally. Like always, Books N Beyond never fails to impress me with their awesome goodies and bookish stuff, and that is one of the many reasons why I keep going back to them to fix my bookish needs.   Okay,  so coming back to the unboxing.... At first, I was kinda little anxious about the Box not reaching me until Diwali was over- reason? most post offices are usually closed for the festive season. But, surprisingly and because of the excellent superpower of Papiya and Pankaj, It was delivered to me just a day before Diwali.  Ahh! That feeling of happiness is surreal. Really. Okay, so without further ado and without holding my breath out of excitement, allow me to share my happiness with you all.... the theme for October's BookNBeyond box- 'FEMME FATALE KICKING ARSE SINCE EONS

Book Review: Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi

Book Review: Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa

Blurb Shekhar Kapoor is a successful businessman who has never done a decent thing in his entire life. For him, it is all about what he can get and how fast he can get it. He goes through life cheating and insulting people, even after he receives a mysterious telephone call from what is called the City of Justice. Ignoring the cryptic warnings, Shekhar continues to live his life as he pleases, until one day, shortly after insulting a beggar in the street, Shekhar crashes his car and is killed. And it is only when he is standing before the Bookkeeper, and being shown where his life had gone wrong, that Shekhar finally understands what life is all about. But is it too late for him? Can he be given another chance, undo all the wrongs he has done? Or is there a chance that Shekhar Kapoor can find redemption where there had previously been no hope? About the Book: Someone rightly said, “What goes around, comes around,” and in the debut book ‘Second Chance’ written by Dr Sand

Book Review: True Liars by Isha Inamdar

                                                                                                       Blurb Wedding, vows, secrets, lies – of course, things get complicated. When Rudra visits Mumbai soon after, he finds that NJ is missing and no one knows where she is. Where could she have gone? Why are there  rumors  that she is dead? Will Rudra move on from the guilt and sadness that envelop him, or will he uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance? About the Book: ‘True Liars,’  an oxymoron phrase used for a book title which caught my attention, and I couldn’t refuse when I was requested by the author to review it. The book is a debut novel written by  Isha Inamdar , and it is the story about an aspiring Dj named Anjana AKA NJ who lives in Mumbai with Harsh and his partner Sam. Since homosexuality is considered as a taboo for many Indian households, Harsh’s biggest fear was his parents finding the truth about him being a gay. So, when Harsh had to go to

Book Review: If You Never Try, You Will Never Know by Sahil Mehta

“If you never try, you will never know,” Does this phrase ring a bell of motivation? Yes? This is the title of Sahil Mehta's debut book which I will be reviewing today. The book is a mix of love, ambition, destiny, success, and loss. Robin, the protagonist of the novel, is inspired by his mother’s love for music. However, he is forced to look after the business run by his father which he refuses to. The story is depressing in the first phase; Robin is a drug addict who lives in hallucination and imaginary world, seeing dwarfs and conversing with an imaginary character (whom he consider is his roommate and he thinks resembles his dead brother). Somehow, towards the middle, it made me feel better when he met Aisha whom he falls in love with, and she made him stay sane from his former obsession. As I read, I felt Robin is just like every one of us, trying hard to fit in and fulfill his dream. He believes in himself; he is determined to go past everything and survi