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Four Things Demonetisation has taught Me

On 8 th November, 2016, when half of the world were impatiently waiting for the verdict of   US presidential election, India was shaken with news by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi , who (suddenly) announced the ceasing of ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 as a solution to crack down on   black money in the country .  This news sent the whole country into frenzy and people started rushing to the nearest possible banks and ATM’s either to deposit or withdraw the new denomination. Come next day and  I saw queue of people waiting for their turns to deposit the old currency in exchange for the new ones, whilst most of the ATM’s were not even functioning. I waited for a week thinking the crowd will soon decrease with time, but with each passing days it kept growing longer and longer. I made up my mind to try my hands so that I can get my share of notes exchanged. So, when the trouble of the note crunch made me stand amongst those frustrated crowd in the long queue, here are some few things demo