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Twinkle Khanna- The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad Book Review

                       Of Periods Taboo and Woman Empowerment Copyright@M.Kikon Twinkle Khanna AKA Mrs Funnybone is back again with her 2 nd  book but this time the humour is more on a serious note. Known for her witty and satirical nature, she brings to us a story of 4 different characters with 4 different life stories about breaking periods taboo to fighting for  female empowerment, and from daring to love at an old age to finding love with multiple marriages, the book carries a more meaningful message on social satire. While balancing on the fictional part, the author emphasis on real issues faced at both rural and urban world.    “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’’ , now don’t get me wrong when you read the book because it’s not entirely a ‘legendary’ story about Lakshmi alone but more on the journey of  ArunachalamMuruganantham who is fondly known as “the sanitary man” inclusive with 2 other stories.  Summing up the book and each character with their definite story li

7 things I can't live without

There are certainly some few things a person cannot live without and particularly in this digital era it could either be our smart phones or an iPad which we are too dependent on, but surprisingly according to study,   iPhone was only number 42 on the needed list, while the iPad rounded out the top 50.  N ow we know they are just our secondary conveniences and we might be able to survive without them. So, apart from all the basic necessity, here are 7 such things I can’t live without. 1.      Family- This will surely take the first place in my list because without them I would be damned; seriously they are the backbone to my existence and I am thankful to have them around. 2.      Friends- Someone truly said, a friend in need is a friend indeed, and they got your back no matter what… so they are definitely in my “can’t live without’ list. 3.      Books- Can I imagine a day without books? No. Can I live without books around me? No. Big love to whoever sta