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Running out of Content Ideas? Try following this 5 activities

They say, 'Content is the King', but what happens when this king no longer have the power to grab audience attention?  Well, #TrueStory every content creator or people at a creative related field face this situation of running out of ideas. 
They have the concept of thinking out of the box or coming up with the most innovative ideas but everyday cannot be a rosy day for an awesome content to pop up just like that, and thus sometimes the creativity side is blocked. Being a content creator myself I have gone through the blank page syndrome and trust me... it is annoying when you run out of ideas and is unable to create an excellent piece, or produce a new work of experience. It’s either due to lack of inspiration or mostly because we are distracted with other lives event. So when I went through this phase I tried some rules and it did help me gain back my inventive side.
So, here are 5 such activities you can try to bring back your writings on track. It helped me overcome my creative slowdown. You should try it too.

1.     Take a walk- The best and first thing to do when you can’t generate an idea is to walk away, and by walk away I mean take a good walk. Taking a walk will help you relax and free your mind from all unnecessary thoughts. It will help you relive stress and be clear with what you want or what you have in mind.

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2.       Listen to good music- Music are always a good way to inspire you (at least for me). Also, a good music can help you feel better and uplift your mood any day.
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3.       Read and Read-  Reading is something I will consider the best life’s hack so far, it has always helped me decide and come up with the finest content, I mean a single sentence can inspire the best out of you. Don’t you agree?
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4. Write down- Nothing like jotting down random thoughts flowing out of your mind. You can connect your writing skills only when you learn to listen to your inner voice. Right?

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5.       Mediate- Relax your mind, take a deep breath and keep calm, that’s all you need in order to get started with your writing process. 

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Go ahead, follow these 5 activities and it will surely help you regain your creative flow.
Not trying to exaggerate... but, by the time you finish following this rules, you will find yourself typing frantically on your keyboard.
 Happy writing!!


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