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Chetan Bhagat One Indian Girl -Book Review

The story begin with some commotion at Goa Marriott's lobby over some shortage of rooms for a wedding, I mean Radhika’s wedding. Radhika who? She is the protagonist of Chetan Bhagat’s recent novel “One Indian Girl”, written from a woman’s perspective, Chetan’s latest story is about a successful woman in her mid 20’s, in fact very successful than most men around her. And, that’s where the problem lies i.e. how a woman can be more successful than her husband-to-be? Am I right or Am I right?

Written as a female person with a mini-me voice character on her head, Radhika Mehta is strong, educated, Intelligent and successful who works at Goldman Sach, also she has an opinion of her own which makes her who she is.
Chaos takes place when one… or maybe two of her Ex-boyfriend lands in Goa, 'the wedding destination', in order to win their love back and sweep her away. However, she is in a fix between getting married to a man she met on a matrimonial site or running away from the scene with either of the ex boyfriend. With all this mess and confusion how can she sleep the night before her big day?  #WeddingDay
“Some people are good at taking decisions. I am not one of them. Some people fall asleep quickly at night. I am not one of them either. It is 3 in the morning. I have tossed and turned in bed for two hours. I am to get married in fifteen hours. We have two hundred guests in the hotel, here to attend my grand destination wedding in Goa. I brought them here. Everyone is excited. It is the first destination wedding in the Mehta family. I am the bride. I should get my beauty sleep. I can’t. The last thing I care about right now is beauty. The only thing I care about is how to get out of this mess. Because, like what often happens to me, here I am in a situation where I don’t know what the fuck is going on.”

The author does make a point of Indian woman struggling to break free from stereotypical social norms.
‘One Indian Girl’ gives a strong social message to all average Indian women, who are either forced to get married and settle or choose a career life and be the talk of the society on ‘Why she is not married yet’? The choice of either to fly high or build a nest makes a difficult option in life and woman  are constantly judged no matter where they are in their career.
This book is a message sent to Indian men, woman and parents, also being a career-minded woman I could connect with what Radhika choose for herself.  It’s not just about been independent or feminism but woman should be given the freedom to do whatever they want in life.  Because, if man are not restricted from choosing what they want, why should woman be?

If you think you can relate to such situations in life, or if you believe woman should be given the same freedom as man... to do whatever they wish in life, then I bet you should grab a copy and read the story of ‘One Indian Girl’ Radhika.

 Scroll down for the book details and rating...

Image Credit- Self

Book- One Indian Girl
Author- Chetan Bhagat
Publisher- Rupa Publications
Price- Rs 176
Pages- 272
My rating- 4.7/5


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