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Running out of Content Ideas? Try following this 5 activities

They say, 'Content is the King', but what happens when this king no longer have the power to grab audience attention?  Well, #TrueStory every content creator or people at a creative related field face this situation of running out of ideas.  They have the concept of thinking out of the box or coming up with the most innovative ideas but everyday cannot be a rosy day for an awesome content to pop up just like that, and thus sometimes the creativity side is blocked. Being a content creator myself I have gone through the blank page syndrome and trust me... it is annoying when you run out of ideas and is unable to create an excellent piece, or produce a new work of experience. It’s either due to lack of inspiration or mostly because we are distracted with other lives event. So when I went through this phase I tried some rules and it did help me gain back my inventive side. So, here are 5 such activities you can try to bring back your writings on track. It helped me overcome m

Chetan Bhagat One Indian Girl -Book Review

The story begin with some commotion at Goa Marriott's lobby over some shortage of rooms for a wedding, I mean Radhika’s wedding. Radhika who? She is the protagonist of Chetan Bhagat’s recent novel “One Indian Girl”, written from a woman’s perspective, Chetan’s latest story is about a successful woman in her mid 20’s, in fact very successful than most men around her. And, that’s where the problem lies i.e. how a woman can be more successful than her husband-to-be? Am I right or Am I right? Written as a female person with a mini-me voice character on her head, Radhika Mehta is strong, educated, Intelligent and successfu l who works at Goldman Sach, also she has an opinion of her own which makes her who she is. Chaos takes place when one… or maybe two of her Ex-boyfriend lands in Goa, 'the wedding destination', in order to win their love back and sweep her away. However, she is in a fix between getting married to a man she met on a matrimonial site or running away f