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Book Review- What Can I Give

It is always an honour  for a teacher to have a student who is eager and willing to spread the knowledge even after they are no longer around. And, for a man like APJ Abdul Kalam AKA the missile man and widely referred as the people's President, every student would love to sing praise of him, since he wished to be remembered as a teacher. After receiving the book as a gift from Penguin Random House , I couldn’t help but flip through the pages of ‘'What Can I Give’' by Srijan Pal Singh, a devoted student who later became an  adviser  of Mr Kalam till his last days. A book beautifully written about the times he spent and the lesson he learnt from his teacher. A well versed life experience and moments shared with him, filled with life lessons, memories and full of thoughts to ponder on even after one finishes the book. As I turned the pages, I noticed how a great teacher has the ability to change the life of a student even through daily activities and conversations o

5 Types of Snapchat User

We all have different kind of followers on Snapchat who post random snaps and let us peek into their daily activities. And, we are glad to check on their stories whenever possible, to be more precise, it’s a better way of stalking their everyday schedule. From snapping their breakfast menus to their night-out routines we can see all the updates through interesting filters and edits. Here is a list of 5 such type of snapper that exist in your friends list. Let’s get started!!       1.   The Selfie Obsessed - Admit it, we all have that one user who is constantly uploading his/her selfie with the latest filters available. The dog filters, the rose crown, the  distorted  face, name it and you will find each one of them on their snap story. Major narcissists alert here. Image Credit-Google 2. The Foodaholic - Be it their breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are definitely going to post everything they are about to hog. I mean, we feel virtually full just by looking at the sn