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Pokemon Go: to Go or not to Go?

Not even a month since its release and people are going crazy over the new launch of Pokémon Go, a location-based virtual mobile game developed by Niantic. It topped the chart for the most downloaded app. However, after much hyped up scene over this famous game, I still can’t decide whether to download and try the game or not. I am skeptical about the way things have turned out and after what people have gone through to the extent of breaking into others place, falling off the cliff, getting hit by a tree etc in search of the rare creatures where you have to find, catch and train the monsters. Here, I have 4 reasons over whether to Pokémon Go or not to Go. 1. A great walking exercise but you might wander away   – Since the game allows you to walk around in the neighbour in search of the creatures, it makes a good excuse to stay away from becoming a couch potato. But, there are also certain chances of you wandering away from your own neighbour looking for 'pokestops',

5 reasons why Roposo is the emerging style inspired hub

Image Credit- Google From sharing style ideas to buying style inspired clothing, Roposo is the fashionistas hub for finding all the latest style inspiration and the ongoing fashion trend, if you haven’t heard of it yet then you are probably missing out a whole lot of fashion insight, updates and many fashionable followers/brands. Looking for a platform to share your fashion ideas, post a review or interact with your followers? I bet there is no ideal site but to join this fashion sharing hub ASAP. Here let me give you 5 reasons why Roposo is the emerging style inspired hub, maybe you should join in and be a part of the fashion troop. Scroll to know. 1.                 The latest trend- You get every single information and guidelines of the newest trend, be it the boho chic, the vintage look, the gothic choice or the preppy outfit style, you get the trending fashion updates of your city as well as the places/people you keep a track on. You just need to put the right keywo