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Increase your social media engagement with these 6 guidelines

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These days everything can be sold on the web i.e. if your product is convincing enough. All you need is some loyal followers and many active social media audience who are willing to go through your social updates and like the post, or at least care to share them with their mutual friend circle. Easy as it may sound but there are rules to follow if you need a great follow spree and more socially engaging audience for your page.
Listed is 6 such guideline you should follow if you are willing to boost your social page and increase media engagement.

1.                Connect with the right audience- Choose you followers wisely, find related people who can communicate with your page. Build a strong relationship with them through comments, tags and content features. For instance, if your industry is about tech, follow those audiences who can connect with the said profession. Likewise, a business company should connect with those audiences who can relate with business forum. Once you get connected with the right person that’s when your page will start getting notice.

2.                Being creative- You keep hearing this all the time but are you really applying the concept? I bet not. Here, by being creative means pushing the envelope and coming up with the finest idea to increase followers who would be interested to know more about your brand and respond to the page eagerly. A creative company profile with proper info graphics design is a sure way to find you many targeted audience. Make your page as artistic as you can.

3.                Keep it original- People love hearing the truth, so you really don’t need to exaggerate the message you want to share. Remember, honesty buys. Original post are always liked and re-posted by many. Share your own interesting content and not those which are copy-pasted article from a random site. Also, talk about social related cause, this will intrigue followers to be a part of the cause.

4.                Ask for feedback- Care to know what your audience want or what changes can possibly better your brand. Trust me; people are willing to share their ideas and opinions, through this opportunity they will be encouraged to participate more often in your media engagement thus you get all valuable feedback's you want and bring the changes too. A win-win situation for both.

5.                Keep them engaged with the latest updates/contest- Play a game or two. Conducting an interesting social media contest is the best way to keep your page active and going. Keep some simple rules before you kick start your contest. According to study 35% of  Facebook users like a page so they can participate in a contest.

6.                Timing is everything- If you want your audience to notice your content then choosing any random timing to post your updates is certainly a big No. No. Wait for the right time when people are active on the site. You can't update a post in the middle of the night just because you came up with an interesting idea. Schedule your timing correctly to garner more likes and boost your media platform.  According to study, the peak time to post on Facebook is 1–4 p.m. late into the week and on weekends. The optimal times to tweet are 12–3 p.m, with a peak best time at 5 p.m. Instagram audiences are engaged throughout the week. Mondays usually get a little more attention.

We can witness how social media is a great tool to connect with customers directly, an effective way to increase brand quality too. For those many digital marketers, social media is the ‘in thing’ to endorse their products online and be known in the market for the type of quality they offer… also a great way to grab millions of people’s attention who are engaged in the networking site.
However, it takes a lot of hard work as well as more of daily updating and posting the latest, the most interesting content which will probably catch the eye of the ‘Netizen’ if not hold their attention.
As the saying goes, "Digital is the future'’ so people!! Gear up with your media skills.


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