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Virtual Life VS Real Life

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Welcome to the ‘Technoculture world’, a connected age with technology where real life is interlinked with the virtual world. Balancing and sharing daily updates to liking and following others activity on the virtual life has become part of the real one. From expressing emotions to getting noticed or from garnering likes to reaching 100K followers, the virtual life is slightly contradicting with reality. We are more confident to portray ourselves  in the virtual world in contrast to the real life, could it be because it replicates our real life experience or do we get more virtual acceptance? We tend to response and show more of our emotions online than we do in real, and we feel quite satisfied to express it in 140 words rather than say it on others face.
Here is how we can comprehend between the two lives:
Attention- As what we have noticed, interacting through the digital space seems to be an easier option for most of us and we even feel liberated getting attention from people whom we have never ever met. While in real, the conscious effort of getting socially accepted seems like a tough battle; thereby we leave astray the idea of finding attention, let alone get one in return.
Daily Updates- We all love getting the latest updates of our favourite celebrities and political icons, well... who doesn't? but here we are talking about our own; we never fail to keep a tab on what we do. We are more than happy to share our snap stories to our followers or write a status for our crush, but reality is entirely a different story, we never really want our families to know what we are up to, nor do we talk about what happened at work or school, because unless they follow you on Instagram they don’t have any clue.
Expressing Emotions- One of the many reason for using tech is either to convey message or give our opinion, thus status are the way to express our emotion, as mentioned... 140 character is enough and convenient to state our thoughts. However the possibility of letting others know our emotion in real life has very less chance, we rarely make up our mind to explain what we feel. Happy, sad or excited, we never want to speak out loud, every feelings goes straight to the status of our Facebook or Whatsapp. Agree?
Friends- More than 2K friends on the virtual world but just a countable few to rely on IRL (In-Real-Life) I mean, who is our genuine friends here?
Love- When finding love in the virtual world is easier than finding one in real life, that’s when you start to question what the world has gotten into. 
Perhaps we are really not what we are in virtual life or maybe something must be wrong in the real world. Technology has diversely changed human perspective towards connection and communications. With virtual life taking over the real life we may not really feel like a real person anymore( Who knows?). Maybe we have to accept the way it has changed, except that it got me wondering with one quest, i.e. Are we what we are on the virtual life or is it vice versa?


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