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60 Second Style

Unless you are a pro at dressing up last minute, you will definitely  have a tough time figuring out the right outfit for a day out, and you are probable gonna need all the worlds help to fix your last minute style. So, to make things easier I created a look you can don if you have less than 5 minutes to dress up. Check the style I have created, '60 Second Style' to give you what I call a chic ensemble. #60secondstyle by kikonmhonchumi featuring a low top                                             Outfit used: - The top is a  Choies Monochrome Stripe Sleeveless Vest Top. It is trendy and will surely elevate your style for a classic day look. -  For the pants you can go for a Moto Mid-Blue Mom jeans that is slightly folded at the edge, you can find that kind at  Top Shop or any denim store. See that the color isn't very dark as it can clash with the strip top. - Make your feet comfy enough with a  Low-Top Trainers Helmut Lang Black Suede Train

Virtual Life VS Real Life

Image Credit- Google Welcome to the ‘Technoculture world’, a connected age with technology where real life is interlinked with the virtual world. Balancing and sharing daily updates to liking and following others activity on the virtual life has become part of the real one. From expressing emotions to getting noticed or from garnering likes to reaching 100K followers, the virtual life is slightly contradicting with reality. We are more confident to portray ourselves  in the virtual world in contrast to the real life, could it be because it replicates our real life experience or do we get more virtual acceptance? We tend to response and show more of our emotions online than we do in real, and we feel quite satisfied to express it in 140 words rather than say it on others face. Here is how we can comprehend between the two lives: Attention-  As what we have noticed, interacting through the digital space seems to be an easier option for most of us and we even feel liberated