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8 Things Every 20 Something can Relate

A generation where we are no longer a teenager but more or less an adult, this is probably a time where we feel nobody understands what we want or what we are. And that's how every 20 something goes through a phase of mixed confusion or feeling socially awkward and different.
There are probably many things a 20 something has to face and being one of em I thought I had share 8 such thing you can relate with.

                     Here are 8 things every 20 something go through and can probably relate to

1.      Career confusion- After completing grads... career confusion comes knocking in, we might be ready for a newer challenge, but are we really ready to take risk and settle for some mundane job? With all the confusions we end up making a mistake or two, vast opportunities in the market creates  more confusion. They say, take risk. But I bet not everyone is a risk taker and the only thing we wish for is to find the perfect job and be fully satisfied with it.

2.      Life's goal- From longing to set on a fine vacations, to choosing the perfect partners, our 20’s  are more about day dreaming a wonderful ‘Perfect’ life, a dream job, a comfort car and a life filled with #LifeGoals .

3.      Relationship Lesson- Heartbreaks and anguish are part of this life phase. We go through emotional breakdown and relationship problems, yet we keep on looking for more some life lessons to occur till we are fully broken and the only thing we make up our mind is never to be in love or to love.

4.      Virtual life VS Reality- The many things happening in our daily life is totally different as compared to what is happening in our virtual life, the task of balancing virtual and reality life becomes mandatory.  The fame and attention we have on the virtual world is nothing but a mere recognition in the real world. We carve to be known and be adored by none but from those who doesn’t even know we exist.

5.      Disappointments- One day you are happy, other days you are disappointed with everything in your life. From envying your friends who are happily settled in life to someone who is having the best of both worlds and getting all the worldly attractions. We hope for a day when things will eventually fall in places. Do we see that coming soon? Yes... Why not.

6.     Responsibilities- Not everyone will be there to take care of us forever and meet all our desired wishes. We have to move out and be responsible enough to buy our own luxury; we feel it’s the right time to do so.

7.      Silently heard by none- Every single minute hundred of things goes inside our head, sadly most of them remain unheard; not everyone loves to hear a disheartening life story, they are busy making their own life. We silently wish to be heard and want someone to understand us fully.

8.     Rejection- There are times we come across rejection and denial but we are compel to keep moving with life’s reality, the fear of not getting accepted by people is as frightening as not been taken into consideration.

With all this problems, sometimes we certainly feel left out, but do we realize that these are all a part of our life? We may not receive credits, achieve or fulfill the things we want right away but we are just some steps away from getting there and we will surly get through. You are not alone; every single person come across this particular stage. You may feel you are on the wrong track or this is the wrong generation or may even think that life is unfair to you, but do have a second thought... be patient, work hard, keep on striving for the best in life because someday you would want to look back and be proud of what you went through. You keep on believing in yourself; know your capabilities and things will certainly fall in its place. Yes, it will take time, a year or two maybe but good thing will surely happen...
 After all, the Diamond itself was a charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well... Didn’t it?

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                                             Live your 20 Something to the fullest..!!!


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