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8 Things Every 20 Something can Relate

A generation where we are no longer a teenager but more or less an adult, this is probably a time where we feel nobody understands what we want or what we are. And that's how every 20 something goes through a phase of mixed confusion or feeling socially awkward and different. There are probably many things a 20 something has to face and being one of em I thought I had share 8 such thing you can relate with.                       Here are 8 things every 20 something go through and can probably relate to 1 .        Career confusion - After completing grads... career confusion comes knocking in, we might be ready for a newer challenge, but are we really ready to take risk and settle for some mundane job? With all the confusions we end up making a mistake or two, vast opportunities in the market creates  more confusion. They say, take risk. But I bet not everyone is a risk taker and the only thing we wish for is to find the perfect job and be fully satisfied with it. 2.