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Dear Body Shamers. Stop, It ain't cool

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Woman comes in all shape and size and so does criticism and hate on how imperfect or how fat/thin we are, we can say it has become a cult or a norm to judge others irrespective of what they feel. The narrow minded people are sure to throw a bunch of negative comments. They laugh at us if we are skinny, they mock if we are over weighted, so what does the society actually want us to be? One major reason why lot of girls are suffering from eating disorder and starving themselves to stay thin like those models they see on glossy magazine, trying hard to fit in like all those made-up sculpted body they watch on screen. And just when they happily accept and embrace the way they are, comes negativity hurled on them.
The internet is a place where some people are happy to flaunt the way they look, but it either ends with shaming comments or hate that depress them. It is always so difficult to entertain shallow minded people, let alone impress them; do they even have the slightest idea on what it means to be laughed at, for not having the body which everyone wishes for? Time way before do we even know what body shaming was? I mean woman of every shape were happy to show off a little skins and just feel right and comfortable with none giving any humiliating feedback, sigh!! It’s a different era now. This issue has been discussed over and again on not being judgmental on others, but it always goes way unheard. Why not be happy for whoever embraces the way they are, let them be... it is their choice. Period.
To all those who are going through such criticism and harsh realities, the best way you can do is, ignore their comments, do not react nor reply because when we pay heed it gives the hater more opportunity to pass negativity and you don't want negative vibes messing up your already blissful satisfied life. And to those heartless being who pass on harsh remark, you should just stop the fad already! guess what? It is easier when it start from you, stop judging on people appearance or the way their body look, we are all human and we have feelings, we go through terrible emotions when laughed at and it is hard to erase the insecurities of body image issues, it leads to ruining our self completely while perfecting the little flaws. If we feel the same about not hurting other humans like the way we feel for our self, trust me it will certainly work in a wondrous way.
Let start embracing our flaws and imperfection, give compliments to others, make yourself feel good, make others feel good, accept the way you are, accept people the way they are. And most importantly feel comfortable in your own skin because there is no such thing as ‘Perfect body’, let others feel the way they want to be. As for your haters and bad influences around, all you need to do is... 'kill them with kindness', and they will find their places.

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