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World Poetry Day

Image Credit- Google  Being a literature student, most of  my leisure are indulged in reading and of course writing and it  has always kept me at ease.  My strong love for prose and poetry begun way long time back, and there is no way I can validate nor compare when it comes to choosing the best writers/writings. E very great author deserves a praise for their skills they possess, not only are they impressive writers but heart touching inspirations too. Since it's World's Poetry Day, I felt I should share my thought on poetry writing :) Poems from all ages have meticulously captured our heart, the use of the languages and words expressed by historical romantic writers are by far beyond amazement.  From classical to modern to western era poets like William Wordsworth, William Blake, Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, T.S Eliot, Christina Rossetti, Percy Bayess Shelley, George Gordon Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge etc and the list goes on and on, they have wonderfully c

Dear Body Shamers. Stop, It ain't cool

Image Credit- Google Woman comes in all shape and size and so does criticism and hate on how imperfect or how fat/thin we are, we can say it has become a cult or a norm to judge others irrespective of what they feel. The narrow minded people are sure to throw a bunch of negative comments. They laugh at us if we are skinny, they mock if we are over weighted, so what does the society actually want us to be? One major reason why lot of girls are suffering from eating disorder and starving themselves to stay thin like those models they see on glossy magazine, trying hard to fit in like all those made-up sculpted body they watch on screen. And just when they happily accept and embrace the way they are, comes negativity hurled on them. The internet is a place where some people are happy to flaunt the way they look, but it either ends with shaming comments or hate that depress them. It is always so difficult to entertain shallow minded people, let alone impress them; do they even

Book Review: The Power of your Subconscious Mind- Dr Joseph Murphy

                      Image Credit- Self                              “Just keep your conscious mind busy with expectation of the best.”                            ―  Joseph Murphy ,  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind This word reflects on the view of Joseph Murphy belief on our sub conscious mind.  I totally agree on the note that our mind is the master of all our sense and we are the one to command them. Surely I can't help but  ponder on the subject with my review on his book, ''The Power of your Subconscious Mind.'' The mind is a powerful sense gifted to human. It is where all the stories are created, where creativity flows and where all the ideas are formed, yet little do we pay attention to what it tells us. Do we? After reading ''The power of your subconscious mind'' I have got a strong feeling of conquering my life with what I think and with what I want.  It is a  powerful representation of how such a little sense like the mind ca