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Single Squad- This is how you celebrate your Valentine's day

Who said Valentine's Day is only for the lovers alone? Rubbish!!
It might be called a 'lovers day' but nobody said the single squad cannot party. 
With  Valentine's Day approaching you might be feeling a little low thinking you have no one to cuddle and spend the time with... forget about romance now. If you are feeling lonely or regretting over nobody to spend your time with or to be showered with love then I bet this one will surely boost up your mood.
Don't miss out this 10 amazing ways to make this day as loveable as possible, with your single squad (of course). You are surely going to have the most fun day of your life. Get, Set, Freedom to enjoy..! Yay!!

10 Amazing Things Every Singleton can do this Valentine's Day.

1. Throw a singleton party- Make this day.... a day to be remembered and cherish the moment with all your lovely single ladies. Can I get the party anthem started?

2. A karaoke night is never a bad idea- Pour out your unwanted miseries on a super cool song by your favourite band and artist.. 'hey, track please'?

3. Shop, shop and keep shopping - The best therapy to ward off the lonely blues and get rid of stress as a whole. Not forgetting there is always a huge 'Sale' on such day (You don't want to miss this, do you?)

4. Bake-  Put on your apron, take the whisk mixer and the blow torch. All set? start baking yummy cupcakes, brownies and pastries.
 It is fun, it is cool, it is delicious.

5. Wander away- Go for a long drive, away from all the hustle and bustle, somewhere far from all the noises. '' Let's get out of this town, drive out of the city, away from the crowds''. (Does this phrase rings a bell to your ears, Swifties?)

6. Family time- So what if your friends are busy with their other half, you have your whole family to spend time with. After all, aren't they the love of your life forever? Agree.

7. Read to keep at ease- Book lovers.... take this opportunity to finish yet another awesome book (Rule- avoid the romantic ones). A good book to take you to places and complete your 'books to read' list.

8. Detox and work out- Working out is the best gift you can gift yourself. Shed that extra flab, it will keep you away from concentrating on unnecessary thoughts like heartbreak and lonely feelings.

9Run a movie marathon (Refer no.7 rules of 'no romantic genre') Netflix alone can work excluding the chill. Grab a blanket, a glass of wine and a bowl of cheesy popcorn. Ready to chill?

10. Write down- Anyone wishing to pour out your thoughts on a day like this? don't stop yourself. Take your journal and write down all those emotions. Trust me, there is nothing like writing off your pain and feeling of loneliness. You won't regret.

Phew!!! with so much of activities to follow, I don't think you will have any spare moment to feel lonely and regret 'why you are alone...'!?
Make this day worthwhile with something exciting rather than feeling bad about yourself on such normal day, AKA 'Valentine's Day'.

Start Planning Girls..! You are welcome already.

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