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Style Up for 'New York Fashion Week'

The 'New York Fashion Week' is always here to create a lot of fuss on fashion fad. From celebrities spotting to models on the runway, fashion trends to fashion fame, and a lot more of trends that make the eyes hard to blink and look away from the ramp. From all our favourite brands to all the amazing designers taking the centre stage, showcasing their master creations. A moment of nothing else but just fashion and more fashions. Okay, so you have decided to go and get a taste of some chic and a vogue moment, you are all in for excitement, except  the most important things is not taken care of i.e. What do I wear??  You will be watched from  head to toe, fashion police patrolling to know the details of designer's choice and keeping track of every single style that you picked.  Who doesn't want to grab the spotlight, with an outfit that is sure to put you on notice and be remembered for your  ' à la mode aura'. Alright, This is it.... An outfit for the mo

Single Squad- This is how you celebrate your Valentine's day

Who said Valentine's Day is only for the lovers alone? Rubbish!! It might be called a 'lovers day' but nobody said the single squad cannot party.  With   Valentine's Day approaching you might be feeling a little low thinking you have no one to cuddle and spend the time with... forget about romance now. If you are feeling lonely or regretting over nobody to spend your time with or to be showered with love then I bet this one will surely boost up your mood. Don't miss out this 10 amazing ways to make this day as loveable as possible, with your single squad (of course). You are surely going to have the most fun day of your life. Get, Set, Freedom to enjoy..! Yay!! 10 Amazing Things Every Singleton can do this Valentine's Day. 1.  Throw a singleton party - Make this day.... a day to be remembered and cherish the moment with all your lovely single ladies. Can I get the party anthem started? 2. A karaoke night is never a bad idea- Pour out your unwan