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Twitter down- trending top on Twitter?

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On Tuesday 19th of January 2016,  Twitter went down with some technical difficulties and we saw the world cry and tweeting in despair #twitterdown, while the result of the tweets were not even visible. Tweeting the problem on twitter itself #IronyOfLife indeed.

The definition of keen 'Netizen' clearly noticed at this situation. The last few minutes felt like ages and we were desperately tweeting which even made it to the top trending tweets (strange eeh?). Did Twitter noticed that? Or were we wasting 140 characters of words without anyone been aware of it?
The virtual connection has made it easier for us to communicate and connect better, faster and easier with the rest of the world. The ability to pass on the news and message instantly through a single tweet and post has become a fad that some rumor turns into a hot unreal trend, while some real problems are solved through viral shares.The communication via the internet has gone so intense that we feel the people who are miles from us are just some tweets and updates away.

 Being in a social media profession, it is the platform I work and rely on and when such problems of shut downs and technical glitch occurs, I feel hopeless. I started wondering how the world  would be .... had it not come up with social network and connectivity service or what will have happened if we were unable to connect virtually? Maybe we would have felt normal if we were not introduced at the first place, but since it has been known and used over the ages... now we feel lost and start to panic like we are left all alone. Such dependency on social network we have that even a slight outage seems like we are missing a lot of stuff that is happening and thus the result of  #FOMO. No wonder the tweet #twitterdown happened. Social media seems addictive right? Agree?
For the record, I was also among the 350 million active user who tweeted about the outage.Were you one of them? 

Maybe we need to brace up for any future twitter or other social network outage where we can cry out the issue and be heard by the world.


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