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TV Style: Pretty Little Liars (Dress it like Spencer)

Who hasn't heard of Pretty Little Liars (PLL)? The ABC's hit TV show. The intense drama, the scandalous secret, the never ending suspense on killers who gets away with murder, the every now and then threatening game of suspicious message from 'A' and probably a plus point for all the fashionable victims are some of the reason to know all about the drama and not give it a miss.
Among the main protagonist's style and demure who carry along their dressing, my personal favourite is Spencer Hasting outfit choice.  She is a perfectionist and quite organized. From her everyday look we can say she loves to dress neat and is always seen in preppy neat clothing like a university student who is ready to meet the head of the institute anytime. 
With a taste for high fashionable trend and her mix character of perfections and well organized nature, Spencer is classy in her own ways. And, that's what makes her 'Spencer Hastings'. And, for those whose favourite PLL girl is Spencer you can try out this outfit style. Maybe you will not only start looking like her but it will make one feel like you are in the game of 'A' (Sounds interesting?) Scroll down for the outfit style...
  I created this outfit for a contest @Polyvore, TV Style: Pretty Little Liars and I thought I had shared it in my blog too.

A preppy neat classy look just the kind Spencer would dress.

TV Style: Pretty Little Liars

 Outfit used:
- A white sleeveless bow blouse to give an elegant stand out in the crowd feel.
- Matched with a solid versatile maroon A-line stretchy flared skater (a bright colour to enhance the white blouse). 
 - The shoe is a corset lace-up leather peep toe boots, since a boots with a flared skirt is a famous trademark for a dresser like her.
- Here, you can get a vibrant stylish A+ fashionista tag with a Balmain blazer, the whole outfit would look like effortlessly put together to help you get the tidy chic look. 
- Pair it with a small greenwich bucket bag, a dash of gold baume de rose parure on the lip to get a nude hue.
- Don't forget to keep your hair at place with a bow head accessories.

There you go!! You look much like Spencer Hasting, almost ready to pounce on 'A' anytime.

Happy Dressing PLL Lovers!!


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