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Twitter down- trending top on Twitter?

Image Credit- Google On Tuesday 19th of January 2016,  Twitter went down with some technical difficulties and we saw the world cry and tweeting in despair #twitterdown, while the result of the tweets were not even visible.  Tweeting the problem on twitter itself #IronyOfLife indeed. The definition of keen 'Netizen' clearly noticed at this situation. The last few minutes felt like ages and we were desperately tweeting which even made it to the top trending tweets (strange eeh?). Did Twitter noticed that? Or were we wasting 140 characters of words without anyone been aware of it? The virtual connection has made it easier for us to communicate and connect better, faster and easier with the rest of the world. The ability to pass on the news and message instantly through a single tweet and post has become a fad that some rumor turns into a hot unreal trend, while some real problems are solved through viral shares. The communication via the internet has gone so intense that

TV Style: Pretty Little Liars (Dress it like Spencer)

Who hasn't heard of Pretty Little Liars (PLL)? The ABC's hit TV show. The intense drama, the scandalous secret, the never ending suspense on killers who gets away with murder, the every now and then threatening game of suspicious message from 'A' and probably a plus point for all the fashionable victims are some of the reason to know all about the drama and not give it a miss. Among the main protagonist's style and demure who carry along their dressing, my personal favourite is Spencer Hasting outfit choice.   She is a perfectionist and quite organized. From her everyday look we can say she loves to dress neat and is always seen in preppy neat clothing like a university student who is ready to meet the head of the institute anytime.  With a taste for high fashionable trend and her mix character of perfections and well organized nature, Spencer is classy in her own ways. And, that's what makes her 'Spencer Hastings'. And, for those whose favour

Ellen Degeneres- The Generous speech on Kindness

Image Credit- Google I r emember been completely in awe admiration for Ellen Degeneres sense of humor and her kind nature every since I stumbled upon her show. Her sense of humor alongside her generosity indeed make the entire show an interesting combination of laughter and love.  Seeing her TV show raising from seasons to seasons made me immensely happy and I feel a reel connection of growing up with it. Her works and her action speaks louder than any high noted language.  In short, it sums up every single explanation of making people happy with an added humorous sense. Since most of us know what she is solely good at, I won't be stretching this for more. But after been awarded with the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD 2016  for (Favourite Humanitarian/Favourite Daytime TV host) I could't agree more but to talk more of her Kindness. She wholly and deservingly deserves it. There is no question of how and why? It may not be a nobel prize but what could be more bette