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Four Things Demonetisation has taught Me

On 8 th November, 2016, when half of the world were impatiently waiting for the verdict of   US presidential election, India was shaken with news by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi , who (suddenly) announced the ceasing of ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 as a solution to crack down on   black money in the country .  This news sent the whole country into frenzy and people started rushing to the nearest possible banks and ATM’s either to deposit or withdraw the new denomination. Come next day and  I saw queue of people waiting for their turns to deposit the old currency in exchange for the new ones, whilst most of the ATM’s were not even functioning. I waited for a week thinking the crowd will soon decrease with time, but with each passing days it kept growing longer and longer. I made up my mind to try my hands so that I can get my share of notes exchanged. So, when the trouble of the note crunch made me stand amongst those frustrated crowd in the long queue, here are some few things demo

Twinkle Khanna- The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad Book Review

                       Of Periods Taboo and Woman Empowerment Copyright@M.Kikon Twinkle Khanna AKA Mrs Funnybone is back again with her 2 nd  book but this time the humour is more on a serious note. Known for her witty and satirical nature, she brings to us a story of 4 different characters with 4 different life stories about breaking periods taboo to fighting for  female empowerment, and from daring to love at an old age to finding love with multiple marriages, the book carries a more meaningful message on social satire. While balancing on the fictional part, the author emphasis on real issues faced at both rural and urban world.    “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’’ , now don’t get me wrong when you read the book because it’s not entirely a ‘legendary’ story about Lakshmi alone but more on the journey of  ArunachalamMuruganantham who is fondly known as “the sanitary man” inclusive with 2 other stories.  Summing up the book and each character with their definite story li

7 things I can't live without

There are certainly some few things a person cannot live without and particularly in this digital era it could either be our smart phones or an iPad which we are too dependent on, but surprisingly according to study,   iPhone was only number 42 on the needed list, while the iPad rounded out the top 50.  N ow we know they are just our secondary conveniences and we might be able to survive without them. So, apart from all the basic necessity, here are 7 such things I can’t live without. 1.      Family- This will surely take the first place in my list because without them I would be damned; seriously they are the backbone to my existence and I am thankful to have them around. 2.      Friends- Someone truly said, a friend in need is a friend indeed, and they got your back no matter what… so they are definitely in my “can’t live without’ list. 3.      Books- Can I imagine a day without books? No. Can I live without books around me? No. Big love to whoever sta

Running out of Content Ideas? Try following this 5 activities

They say, 'Content is the King', but what happens when this king no longer have the power to grab audience attention?  Well, #TrueStory every content creator or people at a creative related field face this situation of running out of ideas.  They have the concept of thinking out of the box or coming up with the most innovative ideas but everyday cannot be a rosy day for an awesome content to pop up just like that, and thus sometimes the creativity side is blocked. Being a content creator myself I have gone through the blank page syndrome and trust me... it is annoying when you run out of ideas and is unable to create an excellent piece, or produce a new work of experience. It’s either due to lack of inspiration or mostly because we are distracted with other lives event. So when I went through this phase I tried some rules and it did help me gain back my inventive side. So, here are 5 such activities you can try to bring back your writings on track. It helped me overcome m

Chetan Bhagat One Indian Girl -Book Review

The story begin with some commotion at Goa Marriott's lobby over some shortage of rooms for a wedding, I mean Radhika’s wedding. Radhika who? She is the protagonist of Chetan Bhagat’s recent novel “One Indian Girl”, written from a woman’s perspective, Chetan’s latest story is about a successful woman in her mid 20’s, in fact very successful than most men around her. And, that’s where the problem lies i.e. how a woman can be more successful than her husband-to-be? Am I right or Am I right? Written as a female person with a mini-me voice character on her head, Radhika Mehta is strong, educated, Intelligent and successfu l who works at Goldman Sach, also she has an opinion of her own which makes her who she is. Chaos takes place when one… or maybe two of her Ex-boyfriend lands in Goa, 'the wedding destination', in order to win their love back and sweep her away. However, she is in a fix between getting married to a man she met on a matrimonial site or running away f

The "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" song that broke the internet

On Monday morning when I logged into my Facebook, my timeline was flooded with people sharing a video of a guy with a weird yellow leopard-print  outfit singing to a song of ‘ Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen .’ At first I thought it was some random catchy song, but after finding it on most of my friend’s profile, I started wondering what could possibly be so intriguing about this song. It did turn out to be a catch melody inclusive with the funny choreography. The man behind the song is DJ  Piko-Taro ,  a fictional character played by Japanese entertainer Kazuhiko Kosaka who is a singer and a comedian.  Image Credit- Google The song known as PPAP has gone viral since then, it has some silly lyrics of…   "I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple-pen! I have a pen. I have [a] pineapple. Pineapple-pen! Apple-pen. Pineapple-pen. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen."   Am sure it has nothing to do with Apple phone/ pen. The song is kind of bizarre and repeated bu

How to dress a Shirt Dress

Sometimes you don’t feel like dressing up, all you want to wear is throw on a shirt and feel just right. For a  sleek, minimal chic, and classic look a shirt dress is what you need this season, also it is the current fashion penchant, it is easy, versatile, casual, stylish, and a must-have outfit in your wardrobe. If you have one hanging on your wardrobe and haven’t taken the risk of trying it... then its time you do it today. Shirt dress is an easy to wear outfit, since they are basic and versatile for any day. Here, this is how you can wear them. Scroll down to check the look  I have created, you can don this look on a casual day out, shopping/coffee, an  after office  party or most  likely  at a date too, Shirt Dress by kikonmhonchumi featuring tote purses Outfit Used: ·          Shirt Dress-   A burgundy chic tied on the waist sleeve dipped shirt dress ·           Shoe-  A Balmin Allenor black leather bootie will never disappoint you ·

Book Review- What Can I Give

It is always an honour  for a teacher to have a student who is eager and willing to spread the knowledge even after they are no longer around. And, for a man like APJ Abdul Kalam AKA the missile man and widely referred as the people's President, every student would love to sing praise of him, since he wished to be remembered as a teacher. After receiving the book as a gift from Penguin Random House , I couldn’t help but flip through the pages of ‘'What Can I Give’' by Srijan Pal Singh, a devoted student who later became an  adviser  of Mr Kalam till his last days. A book beautifully written about the times he spent and the lesson he learnt from his teacher. A well versed life experience and moments shared with him, filled with life lessons, memories and full of thoughts to ponder on even after one finishes the book. As I turned the pages, I noticed how a great teacher has the ability to change the life of a student even through daily activities and conversations o

5 Types of Snapchat User

We all have different kind of followers on Snapchat who post random snaps and let us peek into their daily activities. And, we are glad to check on their stories whenever possible, to be more precise, it’s a better way of stalking their everyday schedule. From snapping their breakfast menus to their night-out routines we can see all the updates through interesting filters and edits. Here is a list of 5 such type of snapper that exist in your friends list. Let’s get started!!       1.   The Selfie Obsessed - Admit it, we all have that one user who is constantly uploading his/her selfie with the latest filters available. The dog filters, the rose crown, the  distorted  face, name it and you will find each one of them on their snap story. Major narcissists alert here. Image Credit-Google 2. The Foodaholic - Be it their breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are definitely going to post everything they are about to hog. I mean, we feel virtually full just by looking at the sn

Pokemon Go: to Go or not to Go?

Not even a month since its release and people are going crazy over the new launch of Pokémon Go, a location-based virtual mobile game developed by Niantic. It topped the chart for the most downloaded app. However, after much hyped up scene over this famous game, I still can’t decide whether to download and try the game or not. I am skeptical about the way things have turned out and after what people have gone through to the extent of breaking into others place, falling off the cliff, getting hit by a tree etc in search of the rare creatures where you have to find, catch and train the monsters. Here, I have 4 reasons over whether to Pokémon Go or not to Go. 1. A great walking exercise but you might wander away   – Since the game allows you to walk around in the neighbour in search of the creatures, it makes a good excuse to stay away from becoming a couch potato. But, there are also certain chances of you wandering away from your own neighbour looking for 'pokestops',

5 reasons why Roposo is the emerging style inspired hub

Image Credit- Google From sharing style ideas to buying style inspired clothing, Roposo is the fashionistas hub for finding all the latest style inspiration and the ongoing fashion trend, if you haven’t heard of it yet then you are probably missing out a whole lot of fashion insight, updates and many fashionable followers/brands. Looking for a platform to share your fashion ideas, post a review or interact with your followers? I bet there is no ideal site but to join this fashion sharing hub ASAP. Here let me give you 5 reasons why Roposo is the emerging style inspired hub, maybe you should join in and be a part of the fashion troop. Scroll to know. 1.                 The latest trend- You get every single information and guidelines of the newest trend, be it the boho chic, the vintage look, the gothic choice or the preppy outfit style, you get the trending fashion updates of your city as well as the places/people you keep a track on. You just need to put the right keywo