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Thanksgiving Day

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Listening to people talk about being thankful had me wondering whom and what does being thankful actually mean? does it means being polite enough to say 'Thank You'  to the person who held the elevator door open for you? to the shopkeeper for giving you the exact change? to the cab who left you at your destination? or to the one (God) who is responsible for everything in our life? 
I really don't know about many who are much devoted and is thankful for almost everything in life. But, me being someone who does her job of following spiritual rituals I am thankful to God more than anything, for whatever he does/did for me. Even on good or bad times, either ways I am thankful to him. Nevertheless, I often fail to follow the phase of giving thanks and it ends with a complaint, whilst I forget to be thankful/grateful for everything. So, this Thanksgiving day as a reminder I thought I had list down the things which we should be happy and be grateful for. 

1. Parents - Without whom we would have not existed in this world.
2. Family- They hold us close and even closer when we need them the most, they keep you going in life. They are at your back.
3. Friends- They understands our shortcomings and are there to stand with you against all hurdles.
4.  Food-  Happy we won't go hungry, we get enough to sustain.
5. House- We have a roof over to protect us from all harm.
6. Clothes- We won't go cold,  we have enough to keep us warm throughout winter.
7. Hardships/struggles  - It makes us stronger and bolder, we can take up challenges anytime.
8. Losses- It teaches us to go on in life without some dear ones. Life is all about gaining and losing.
9. Work- We are on  our way to achieve, working and slogging hard takes us a step ahead to success.
10. Life- We don't know what tomorrow holds, but we have our life today, so be even grateful for it.

Despite all this good stuffs in life, sometimes we end up complaining saying we don't have enough of what we want, maybe this are your shortcomings/flaw and you need to push them off. I have seen there are many who just wished to have one or two from the listed above and they seems to be the one who are more grateful.

When you encounter such moments and you find yourself complaining on not having the right shoe to match with your black dress: Remind yourself that you have a closet full and some of them are still unworn or unused, there are some who are contented with just one clothes to wear everyday. 
Or, the times when the rain  pours and your umbrella is not big enough to cover your favourite bag: Remind yourself that they are people who are happy to get drenched and even happier to watch it pour. Or, the times when you are hungry and get frustrated at the restaurant for the food that has not arrived yet: Remind yourself how those who are hungry and have nothing to fill their tummy still wakes up every morning with hopes to find food (Sometimes they go to bed hungry)
And, when you are complaining for the life you have: Remind yourself that there are some wishing and hoping if they could live on forever or at least for a day more. 

 I am thankful for my life and I shall complain less and think more about those who are just happy and blissful with what life has to offer, they are infact the one who are more appreciative and thankful for nothing.  
I have decided to remind myself of how blessed I am, now I wish to be more thankful even if it means for nothing. 
I am more than fortunate enough to be Thankful to God. So are you.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all...!
Be Thankful.


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