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Thanksgiving Day

Listening to people talk about being thankful had me wondering whom and what does being thankful actually mean? does it means being polite enough to say 'Thank You'  to the person who held the elevator door open for you? to the shopkeeper for giving you the exact change? to the cab who left you at your destination? or to the one (God) who is responsible for everything in our life? 
I really don't know about many who are much devoted and is thankful for almost everything in life. But, me being someone who does her job of following spiritual rituals I am thankful to God more than anything, for whatever he does/did for me. Even on good or bad times, either ways I am thankful to him. Nevertheless, I often fail to follow the phase of giving thanks and it ends with a complaint, whilst I forget to be thankful/grateful for everything. So, this Thanksgiving day as a reminder I thought I had list down the things which we should be happy and be grateful for. 

1. Parents…

Lost in Between

You seem convinced with whatever he said
He is at his best to manifest the fact
You are in between 'Love' and 'Lie'
Who knew, but he was good at making it look real

Not once, not twice but as many times as possible
You kept on falling for the bait
Deceptive, yet it sounded clear 
And all your attention grabbed

For once you though you won the race
But, it was just for your love sake 
How will you run away from this phase?
When you know you will be wrecked

Maybe it was wrong to be wholly in affection
Now, you are drawn towards the worse situation
Hoping... if you can escape from this line
You could, if only you knew before hand ...

Everyone is a little lost between 'Love' and 'Lie'
Sometimes you can't find the distinction 
When it is the love that covers the lies.