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Outfit for Halloween Party

It's the time of the year again... Halloween is just around the corner, the time for trick and treating and probably the best occasion to play 'dress up'. Still trying to figure out an outfit style for the 'COSTUME PARTY'? Bunny?- Outdated Pirates?- Boring Zombie?- Wait, you were one last year too. Okay, stop fussing around and make up your mind quickly Wish to be different and stand out from the crowd? Here, you can try a little different this year from how you usually dress up for a Halloween. Why not dress up as 'You'? Really. Love black? Gothic?  Okay. Checked. You surely will love this combination of black and just a little touch of patterns... check out this outfit style I have created Lots of black and a more of Gothic style. (Afterall, it's Halloween and a little too much of black will do no harm) Outfit for Halloween Party by kikonmhonchumi featuring high heel shoes For the look - Wear a strapless black dress

Look for Less...

Look for Less... by kikonmhonchumi featuring nars cosmetics Shirts blouse 1,090 INR - River Island ripped jeans 3,245 INR - Keds white shoes 3,245 INR - Backpacks bag 3,245 INR - Avenue black bracelet 1,040 INR - Circle glasses 650 INR - Nars cosmetic 2,075 INR -

Seeking Tranquility

Every morning before waking up from bed I lay still for a moment, it is my way of starting the day with a minute of calmness and it does keeps me at peace, though just for a few second.  I wonder how many of us are seeking for a moment of peace/solace? Surely, most of us I believe. We are alway hurrying, rushing, running in our daily schedules, it could be for our jobs, our family priorities, household chores and so on.. the list keep going long, and when that moment of haste and rush pass we give a sigh of heavy puff and says 'finally', this made me realize how even a slight moment of pause gives us immense peace, and I couldn't help but think how it would be if we were to get that calmness every single day. I am always reminded that I should not rush and keep things at flow, when people complain on how they can't be in peace and have to rush every time, I wonder if they tried looking for it within them.  As I grew up, I understood how it is not easy to survive

7 Things only a Leap year baby will understand

Born on 29th Feb? Leap year baby? Then you can probably relate to this? On been asked when your birthday is? you proudly answer 29th February. Their reaction? Priceless.                                                 So, after showing your 'not so impressed face', they give you the okay, cool looks.                   And, thereafter this things are likely to follow.. 1. Wow!  you are the first leap year baby I ever met, how cool is that.                                   Thank you so much, I am touched 2. So, when do you celebrate your birthday when there ain't  leap date?        But, I surely do know there is 1st march coming ... so! 3. How do you count your age?                                                                     Seriously? technically or yearly? 4. H ow do you feel?                         Awesome.. I mean, never felt so alive   5. You mean... you still will be of an illegal age when you get m