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Smart Phones, too smart to handle?

Someone sent me this image, my  phone beeped and I had to check it.
And there.... it explained everything.

I couldn't agree more to it, I was  actually giving a whole though on how we had the notion that we were so smart to handle gadgets (Of course... we are smart in our own ways) but it is not how it appeared to be, We depend so much our 'Dear Devices' that we have lost track in memorizing phone numbers, let alone...  I don't even need to remember mine, I have smartly saved it in my phone.
Birthdays are just an alarm ring away, I have them set as a reminder and I don't have to wish them unless there is a noise coming out and reminding me about it, because in real i am bad with remembering dates, so... I apologize if i forgot to wish you on your birthday, I was not reminded :(

Looking for address is just a click away, no more asking strangers where the road to the park leads, my phone commanded me to take a right, go straight and then take the second turn and there it is, I droll over how smart she turned out to be.
 It knows exactly where I am standing. Yesterday I was looking for a coffee shop nearby and it responded with "there are four cafe near you, the nearest is 2km away,' I followed the track like a dog following a trail from a smell ( wow!! I couldn't be more impressed)
Memories are now all in selfies and snap chats, I stopped keeping photo albums, but it was until the day when i accidentally deleted all the pictures from my phone (Yeah, all those selfies and groupies, those happy memories I captured. Gone! if only it gave me the warning that my hand was swapping the delete button on the sensitive touch screen... I would have kept the screen locked. Sigh!!

There is a beep, the phone screen blinked flashing '1 message received,' it was a friend asking whether I was free this weekend? I typed and replied with... 'I haven't planned anything yet.....' but my 'Overly Smart' phone auto corrected the 'Planned' as 'Planted,' my friend said,  she had no intention to take me for gardening. Whose fault? Mr Auto correct. Period.
On occasion when we are out for dinner with families or friends, we are all occupied with our controllers, even to make an eye contact is harder than deciding what to have for desserts or which food picture should be uploaded on Instagram ( bet, those are much easier to decide)
And, when all the batteries are drained from the virtual games we played, we anxiously wait for it to charge till it instruct 'fully charged'..  now, what? back to surfing and browsing what is trending on twitter of course.

Smart phones is indeed one of the #Smartest innovation man has made (I don't want to imagine how it would have been without it... Nomophobia? Right!!) we relay so much on digitization, we no longer need to remember even some of the simplest things... you don't need to know the whole spellings of a word, you type an A and all the word from A's appear on the shiny screen. Well, i don't appreciate this short cut though!
It says, answer the phone, reply to the message!! we obey without any hesitation.
Not forgetting, it even has the ability authority to wake us up in the morning, and all this time we thought we were smart enough to make that little robot work for us.. though it has never been that way.
This Smart machines are controlling us like they are the master, and we are happily following their instructions thinking they are the one obeying  us.

Okay, my phone needs some memory spaces, I have to remove some trash from it... now, tell me who is the master here?


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