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Fall Wear

Fall.. by kikonmhonchumi featuring a victorian blouse With the onset of fall, we want you to try something casual yet give a sophisticated look. Here, you can experience a stylish look for this year's Autumn..   Rock your day look with a shorts and a victorian blouse. Match your outfit with a loafers, this will give you an effortless yet a chic appearance.  Accessorize with a back bag and some jewelleries to complement your style.  Fall is here... !!! And, we are dressed.. Alice Olivia victorian blouse 35,645 INR - Topshop shorts 3,310 INR - Tod s black loafer 37,655 INR - Barneys New York brown bag 9,860 INR - Wet Seal metal ring 590 INR - Linda Farrow clear lens glasses 40,065 INR - Check more of my  outfit style..

Harper Lee- Go Set a Watchman Review

''On any other day she would have stood barefoot on the wet grass listening to the mockingbirds' early service; she would have pondered over the meaninglessness of silent, austere beauty renewing itself with every sunrise and going un-gazed at by half the world. She would have walked beneath yellow-ringed pines rising to a brilliant eastern sky, and her senses would have succumbed to the joy of the morning.  It was waiting to receive her, but she neither looked nor listened.”  ―  Harper Lee ,  Go Set a Watchman The much awaited Harper Lee's book- Go Set A Watchman was out, So... excited like a 3 year old girl on seeing a candy store, I went ahead and grabbed a copy. Image credit-  I was impatiently waiting for it to come out, so once it landed on my hand I wasted no time and read every single pages, not even missing out any detail writing piece on the cover. My verdict on the book. A wonderful story, clearly written.. Harper's writing a

Smart Phones, too smart to handle?

Someone sent me this image, my  phone beeped and I had to check it. And there.... it explained everything. I couldn't agree more to it, I was  actually giving a whole though on how we had the notion that we were so smart to handle gadgets (Of course... we are smart in our own ways) but it is not how it appeared to be, We depend so much our 'Dear Devices' that we have lost track in memorizing phone numbers, let alone...  I don't even need to remember mine, I have smartly saved it in my phone. Birthdays are just an alarm ring away, I have them set as a reminder and I don't have to wish them unless there is a noise coming out and reminding me about it, because in real i am bad with remembering dates, so... I apologize if i forgot to wish you on your birthday, I was not reminded :( Looking for address is just a click away, no more asking strangers where the road to the park leads, my phone commanded me to take a right, go straight and then take the seco

Mix and Match

Mix and Match by kikonmhonchumi featuring a long open front cardigan Lace and Gray never goes wrong.. Pair up your lace crop top with a cotton short, give a mix of style with a long sleeve cardigan and a pair of Greek sandal to get an effortless chic look for any casual day out.  Accessories your mane with a rabbit felt hat.. There, you are ready to rock the mix and match look.      White long sleeve cardigan 1,135 INR - Long open front cardigan 2,180 INR - Quiz black party top 1,710 INR - Boohoo cotton shorts 925 INR - Ancient Greek Sandals cutout sandals 10,315 INR - Lanvin rabbit felt hat 58,845 INR - Check out more of my Style  @   

Keeping it Minimal

Keeping it Minimal by kikonmhonchumi featuring platform sandals Crop top 300 INR - H M wrap skirt 1,515 INR - Miu Miu platform sandals 47,640 INR - Yves Saint Laurent leather handbag 124,475 INR - Fine jewelry 680,420 INR - Planning to go out for a dinner date? Confused over what to wear? Match this outfit idea for a perfect Saturday evening.  Happy Dining!! For more outfit ideas check out my profile at                                                             M.Kikon