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One Direction; Boy Band Fever

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The Craze for Boy bands existed ever since the 80's.. or maybe even before that.

And, with over numbers of them coming up every passing year, teenagers and Every/ some never growing adults like 'Me' went from craze to being crazy, from fans to fangirling, screaming to squealing and so on.... The internet is flooded with all the fans named based on their Fandom starting with the Swifties for Taylor Swift fans, Beliebers for Justin Bieber, Selenator for Selena Gomez, Lovatic for Demi Lovato etc etc. 
Coming to the boy band/rock band category where The Vamp fans are known as 'The Vampettes,' 5 Second of summer followers as the '5SOS fans', and  my very favorite 'Directioner' for One Direction admirers and so on...

Okay.. so talking of  'One Direction',  the greatest 'English boy band' ever who have taken a toll over the world and also the heart of millions of fans across different countries, made me go weak at the knees with just their names.
Looking at the reactions made by the fans while watching the boys perform will make you want to cry with them, I mean for real.
The boys have robbed millions of hearts/soul/breath across the globe with their music and of course their lovable good looking face, they make the followers cry and laugh along with them. Whenever the boys single breaks a record in VEVO it turns into a huge celebrating moment for all the 'Directioners' (the Non-Directioners as well) 

However the big 'BAD' news of them going on a 'Hiatus' which basically means 'a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity', is driving them In-Zayn (directioners code word for Insane) oh yeah, talking of 'Zayn' many started blaming him for the break (which totally is wrong and unacceptable) just because he was the first to leave the group for leading a normal life doesn't mean he urged the other members to take a break too. It is 'Their' choice and it was 'His' own choice too.
He seems to be happy spending time all to himself, even breaking up with his girlfriend who happened to be in a girl's band (maybe, he literally meant to spent a normal life).

Initially my take on the news was ... OMG!! how am I even going to survive without listening to them for a year or.... God knows how long? Whom am i going to Fangirl on? What if they never unite again? How are my days going to pass? etc and etc..! 
So many feelings at a time, and the millions of reactions from fans all over the world filled with sadness, crying, depressed, praying that it will just be a rumor, getting despair, wishing they will change their mind and all the sad feelings made it even worse for me to handle the situation, it was indeed so hard to accept the truth. For a moment I could feel my whole world crashing down with a big BAM..!!

The boy's taking to twitter assuring us they will come back, they aren't going anywhere and will soon be recording some awesome songs after the break turned out to be even harder for the fans to believe.

However, looking at the brighter side... put a thought on how badly they needed some rest after 5 whole years of singing, making videos, touring, visiting countries, organizing charities and the list goes on and on which is even tiring to imagine.. phew!! and their break may or may not be to lead a normal life... it may also be because they wish to spend on doing what they want. No one will ever need a 'Hiatus' unless they want it so badly and I believe they really do.
Here I am healing my heart like the rest of the Directioners wishing and hoping it will just be a dream and they will reunite soon enough, but the other side of my heart says...  give them some time of their own, they spent their possible years making people happy, saving those heartbroken, bringing a smile on our faces and so on... now give them some moment to be happy and to be who they want to be. Afterall they all look like an over-worked kids, c'mon give them a break. They deserve one!

 All I can say is.. 'I will miss them and their Perfect voices' so badly and....

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P.S- (Bring back Zayn too) :)
All the Love X



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