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7 Phrases to Avoid

                                7 phrases you should avoid using saying

From daily expressions and conversation I often over-hear people using some certain phrases which does not sound quite convincing (according to me). I come across it quite often, so I decided to pick some of it, make a list and share them. Though not saying you should not use it at all, but I suggest you avoid it as much as possible.

1. I will do it later- 'Procrastination' is the word here,
 I never clearly understood the meaning until I came across many around me procrastinating, they put aside their task saying they will do it later. I 'was' one of them (Not anymore though)
Won't it be much better if you don't delay what you are suppose to be doing now. From my own personal experience I can strongly  say you never end up doing that task later. Really.

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2.  I know everything- ( excused for the genius) but as far as I know, not every person entirely knows everything. And, in case you do.. mind telling me what my next line is going to be? no? good.
Know what? the world itself is a learning place, we get to learn newer stuffs everyday. And, trust me you will still be learning some greater new things in your old age too (unless you turns out to be the wisest human alive)
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3. Give me 5 minutes - We women use it a lot (pardon me) I am one myself,  but if you are unsure of been done by 5 minutes, say you are going to 'take your time' instead. At least you are assuring those waiting that you will take longer than 5 min #Mean what you say, people will start believing you.

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4. Why me?  - When things normally don't go our ways, we question God with Why only me? but, have you given a thought before uttering that word? because you are not the only one having that bad day or going through  hard times, there are others facing the worse. Chill.. why not use the phrase, who else?
Bet that sounds better.

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5. This will be my last- Hmm... this sentence should in fact be your last. We often do some stuffs we love doing but when it is not appreciated by many we try to assure them saying...  This will be my Last, I promise...  Uh huh Really!?? 
FYI the world is not ending yet, why the last?

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6. I hate you- Really? kidding?
Well, you can't just hate another person unless they are born to be hated and am sure no one is. We were taught to keep our friends close and our enemies closer so.. why not love them too.
Surely you just uttered it out of frustration.. Right!?
Better put on a practice to say I love you...  not to any random person though .

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7. I am never wrong-

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Well, heard the saying 'To err is human, to forgive divine?'
 Yes... we are humans, if we don't know everything then there is possibilities of us making mistakes too. You can be wrong somethings if not always.. So, it's absolutely okay to learn from that. Better be wrong and learn, than to be never right!!

                            I bet we should put a practice to exclude/avoid all this phrase in our conversation, might be a little difficult to do so, but am sure we will get over it with time... After all 'Everything is Possible' (p.s - this one is okay to be used)   




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