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One Direction; Boy Band Fever

The Craze for Boy bands existed ever since the 80's.. or maybe even before that.

And, with over numbers of them coming up every passing year, teenagers and Every/ some never growing adults like 'Me' went from craze to being crazy, from fans to fangirling, screaming to squealing and so on.... The internet is flooded with all the fans named based on their Fandom starting with the Swifties for Taylor Swift fans, Beliebers for Justin Bieber, Selenator for Selena Gomez, Lovatic for Demi Lovato etc etc. 
Coming to the boy band/rock band category where The Vamp fans are known as 'The Vampettes,' 5 Second of summer followers as the '5SOS fans', and  my very favorite 'Directioner' for One Direction admirers and so on...

Okay.. so talking of  'One Direction',  the greatest 'English boy band' ever who have taken a toll over the world and also the heart of millions of fans across different countries, made me go weak at the knees with just their nam…

7 Phrases to Avoid

7 phrases you should avoid using saying

From daily expressions and conversation I often over-hear people using some certain phrases which does not sound quite convincing (according to me). I come across it quite often, so I decided to pick some of it, make a list and share them. Though not saying you should not use it at all, but I suggest you avoid it as much as possible.

1. I will do it later- 'Procrastination' is the word here,
 I never clearly understood the meaning until I came across many around me procrastinating, they put aside their task saying they will do it later. I 'was' one of them (Not anymore though)
Won't it be much better if you don't delay what you are suppose to be doing now. From my own personal experience I can strongly  say you never end up doing that task later. Really.

2.  I know everything- ( excused for the genius) but as far as I know, not every person entirely knows everything. And, in case you do.. mind telling me what my next line is g…

Waves of Thought

You stand tall for the tide to pass
You know it will take away some of your rush
It is a bliss to watch it come and go
You wonder why it doesn't stay for long
You wonder why it won't stay back

 You wait for the next tide to come
So that it can wash away all your Worries and doubts
There is a huge sign of wave coming through
You wait till it comes near your feet
It moved the sands yet it won't move your feet

For the next wave you wish it will take off your feet from the ground
It came closer enough yet the feet remains still
You contemplate why it won't move it at all
More thoughts came and you asked with a why?
You compare the waves to your thought that kept coming back with more thought

Only the sounds of the tide could be heard
You stand alone wishing if your thought can be heard too
But, not a single voice comes out
Your mind is filled with more thoughts
But you are afraid, nobody can hear it like they hear the sound of the strong tide.