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Why Wait?

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So, how many of us are still waiting for the 'right time'?
Well, in one of my blog i wrote about how Buying Time for yourself matters and why you should not rush and do the things you love when you can do it, so here is a reason on why you should not wait for certain moments to happen when you can do it right away, i often end up saying i would wait for the right time to come along, but when really is the time right? or when is the 'right moment' even coming? Now? Today? Tomorrow?Forever? we never know...
 Over the years we are on the notion that if we can't do things right away we might get another chance the next time.... yes, it is undoubtedly true, but if we can do it today or now then, why not?
In a way its more like waiting for the rain to pour for the sake of carrying your umbrella with you.  Could that mean you won't step out unless you know it raining or it starts to rain.

We might end giving it up even before trying for it. Or, we may have to stop ourselves from stepping out just because its not raining and you have no reason to carry your umbrellas.
I suggest we go ahead with whatever happens. 

Like the famous saying goes.. 'time and tide waits for none', so why do we wait for them too?
Go ahead,  you might gain something worthy.
What if you give up on things even without trying, saying you are waiting for the perfect moment to come  by and what if you were  to achieve it but the right moment never came along, so you never ever did try, i bet all will go in vain... Your thoughts on waiting for the perfect timings will make you wait till tomorrow then maybe even forever. 
So why wait..? go now give it a good shot without waiting for the moment called 'right'. Be a risk taker rather than a risk waiter.
You can Wait, but the waves of opportunity never waits, catch one before the best tide goes off.

                                                                                                                M. Kikon


  1. Why Wait for things to happen, when you can do it now..


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