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Do you believe in Sign? (Not talking about traffic signs) Me? oh yes, totally.. my day revolves around sign's and my night ends with one. Okay. That is an extreme exaggeration.  I do believe in it but, not to the extend where I would wait for it to occur forever. It is believed by few that signs are usually sent from heaven but, to act upon it... it is our own choice However, paying a close attention to what have been indicated to us could be a significant and the more we feel we are being directed to follow, the more we come across such instructions (Visually and audibly). while sometimes, it becomes unbelieving obvious on coming across many such circumstances where we are made to understand what it really means, owing to the fact where we meet definite sign which eventually leads us to accept without further doubts. Of course... not forgetting that everyone has their own understanding to handle visions and sign shown to them but, as for me i intend to

Inside the Mind

Image credit- Google Recently, i went for this really cute animated movie Inside Out by Pixar animation studio, it is about the voices inside us and my keen interest on mind reading compelled me go and watch it. Another reason why i write stuffs related to thoughts reflecting on our actions #I love reading minds.   Talking about my blog title 'Mind Words', it clearly recounts voice of the inner mind that does the talking, well.. (not literally ) but the voice of our 'mind' per Se which does the talking and thinking and wishing and more often the pondering. Okay, so after reading the synopsis of the movie, it really got me excited about watching what really happens inside one's mind. I know it is an animation and everything seems possible in a movie so why the excitement? i asked myself, but that thought did not stop me from ruining my already excited feeling. Moreover, i felt connected to my very own  passion for reading and knowing about

Why Wait?

  image Credit- Google S o, how many of us are still waiting for the 'right time'? Well, in one of my blog i wrote about how Buying Time for yourself matters and why you should not rush and do the things you love when you can do it, so here is a reason on why you should not wait for certain moments to happen when you can do it right away, i often end up saying i would wait for the right time to come along, but when really is the time right? or when is the 'right moment' even coming? Now? Today? Tomorrow?Forever? we never know...  Over the years we are on the notion that if we can't do things right away we might get another chance the next time.... yes, it is undoubtedly true, but if we can do it today or now then, why not? In a way its more like waiting for the rain to pour for the sake of carrying your umbrella with you.  Could that mean you won't step out unless you know it raining or it starts to rain. We might end giving it up even before try