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Finding Flaws

We know the fact that, 'Nothing is perfect' and maybe this can be one reason why we go forth trying to find flaws in other's and make a comparison on how it is not Perfect . As human's we are to make mistakes and the person who does not make one, must be God himself. We  are bound to fall down and we are capable of standing up again and going forward. Not everyone is exceptionally outstanding in everything they do, similarly not everyone is unacceptably worse, all of us are blessed and gifted in our ways. However, sometimes we fail to keep up with the reality of people's inability of being ideal, and we  begin to ignore it, we start pointing at them for their flaws, not knowing or not accepting that it is okay not to be perfectly perfect.  Why are we judgmental, or who are we to judge? Are we ignorant to think about the truth, or are we proud enough to not realized it all? Or, is it because we were to look for things that doesn't have flaws in them? Wh